What if I miss a few days in my journal?? How can I fill up the blank space?? I’ve seen this question repeatedly asked online, and I just want to say… it’s really no big deal if you miss a few days in your journal.

As long as your journal isn’t the ONLY spot you write your appointments, you shouldn’t have a problem! I typically like to add my most important appointments in my Google (phone) calendar so I get reminders and check my schedule anywhere I have my phone.

I DO write my appointments and schedule in my journal, but I DON’T carry it with me everywhere I go. I tend to use it more for end-of-day logging & planning.

Creative journaling is meant to be fun hobby, so try not to let any part of it overwhelm you! I spend a lot of time on my designs and pictures because I’ve created a whole website around it, but MOST people don’t choose to spend their time decorating book pages as intricately as some of us. 😉 There ARE a select few (me and hopefully you) that love filling creating these journal pages and filling them ALL THE WAY UP.

Plenty of my weekly spreads offer space for details about each day… but what if you don’t visit your journal as often as you’d like that week. Some nights you just wanna pass out and sleep, right??

Or what if you can’t think of anything to write in for a certain day??


But, I’m a millennial… and I’ve got a smartphone… so I can find out a lot about the past few days by literally just stalking myself! In just a few minutes, I EASILY find space fillers for specific days.

Assuming you WANT to fill these spots in (you could just flip the page), here are some ways to do it:


  • Do you use one of these check-in apps? I’ve been obsessed with the app Foursquare (now Swarm) since it came out, and I check-in everywhere! This may seem like an obvious answer for the tech-savvy, but Facebook now offers the check-in feature, and tons of people use it nowadays.
  • Speaking of Facebook — did you update your status in the past few days? Maybe not on Facebook, but another social network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?? Go back and check your past status updates. They just may jog your memory on where you were and what you were doing..
  • Or maybe you didn’t post any updates… but you could have taken some pictures! Check your gallery on your phone for pictures and screenshots you took.
  • While you’re on your phone, check your past TEXTS and calls. Did you speak to a friend that you haven’t heard from in forever? You can even check your past e-mails from the week, if you’re a frequent e-mail user.
  • In many of my spreads, I have sections to track my meals. The best memories often revolve around good food. Think back on the last meals you’ve eaten and the past few restaurants you’ve visited. What meals did you just love this week? Who were you with?
  • Speaking of dining out… you’ve probably spent a little money this week. Your debit card + credit card past purchases have all the spots where you spent your money! Check your online bank accounts.. You should be doing this anyways… right??

What About the Other Areas?

For specific sections, such as Headlines, Weather, etc, you’ll have to do a little research…

I’ve got a few sites on my list of resources for my journal:

For Daily Headlines:

  • I’ve decided theSkimm past e-mails are my best bet. Subscribe here and sign up for a quick version of millennial-speak daily must-know news. I read it every morning so I don’t HAVE to tune into the news! It only stresses me out anyways.Plus they have giveaways ALL the time, and suggest great books, great wines, etc. When you’ve missed a few days, search your inbox for “Skimm” – and read the e-mails from that specific day. You may remember some headlines.. Or better yet, become smarter by learning current events… 😉 Tell them I sent you if you subscribe, by going through this link!


  • If your inbox is already overflowing, just check a daily news site like this for headlines: or in the Google search-bar, search: “August 29, 2017 headlines” (or any date).

For For past weather:
Go to this site (Wunderground), and in the first section on the right-hand column, search your city. You can then scroll through by days to find out the weather on specific days.

If you’re not wanting to do that kind of investigative work on yourself… you can just fill in the spots with other cool/random stuff. Here’s some ideas:

  1. Add a doodle or inspirational quote or something you’re loving (song, tv show, movie, book) this week. Fill the space with a Zendoodle if you’re into that sort of thing. If you want to see some fun, EASY doodles to fill in space, read my blog post 4 Simple Journal Doodles to Draw (even when you’re NOT artistic).
  2. Write an “on-this-day” event. Go to this site (On This Day) and look up the date… you shouldn’t run out of ideas here! And there’s some pretty cool stuff that happened on my birthday. On my birthday 1902, the first science fiction movie was released called “A Trip to the Moon.” You can also find out a ton of celebrity birthdays, weddings, etc.
  3. Finally, you can just screw it and leave it blank – it’s your journal so you have ALL the right to set it down for a while. It’s not a person… you’re not neglecting it. Let it breath. Like I said, you don’t need to get overwhelmed by a hobby! Have fun with it, and come back to it when it feels right.

Please — let me know in the comment section what you do with your “missed days.” I’d love to add to this list!

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