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April 27, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Mood Rings Weekly Spread

Track your mood and energy on the rings with colors from your key! Learn how to draw this spread, supplies, and more at

Good morning!

May is here and it’s been a good few days of it so far. All of my weekends are packed this month — we went to the Zurich Classic in New Orleans this past weekend & enjoyed watching some golf! The weather made its way in on Sunday, so we decided to head on home before we got caught in it. I actually got home before noon, so had a little extra time to do some planning + work on the blog!

On Sunday, my brother is turning 16 and I can’t believe it! But we will be traveling that day to go to Oxford, Alabama for his sub-state golf tournament.  It just happens to be the same weekend as a Talladega race – which is right in the same area! Needless to say hotels were ridiculous, but I managed to find a room Sunday for a reasonable price.

You’ll notice I’m now making more search-friendly names of my spreads…. e.g.”Mood Rings.” I’m going back and changing the old spreads too in the next few months. This will to make them easier to search and differentiate. Follow me on Pinterest to see the old spreads come back to life! I’m asking my Instagram followers for new name suggestions through my stories, so shoot me your suggestions, or comment on the individual posts. 🙂

In the filmed how-to video, I stopped before I added the actual “Mood Rings”, but I just used a 5-circle stamp to draw these above and below the day lines (see in main pic). I’ll color these throughout the week depending on my mood/energy throughout the day. These are completely optional, but I think it will be a nice touch of color at the end of the week!

Track your mood and energy on the rings with colors from your key! Learn how to draw this spread, supplies, and more at

This Month’s Spread Notes:

  • Left hand page:
    • Day boxes for daily to-do’s (and dones!)
    • The KEY at the top is for how I’m going to track mood & energy on this same page. I’m planning to make bars out from the days using the colors from the key representing good mood/bad mood & good Energy/not-so-good energy.
  • Right-hand page:
    • Weather boxes: I’ll fill in with weather icons at the end of each day.
    • Notes: Any additional notes for the week.
    • Meals: Daily meal tracker
    • Sleep: I’ll add wake-up time down the first column; go-to-bed time in the middle column; and # of hours slept in the last column. The right hand horizontal lines correspond to the number of hours slept, and I will graph throughout the week.

Tools Used:


This is the spread 3 of 6 in new May 2017 spreads. Print these for your own journal, transfer to your notebook, or print for GoodReads or digital use for the month.


  1. Amanda says:

    Good luck with Oxford! I’ll be in Gadsden, so fingers crossed ‘Dega traffic isn’t the absolute worst.

    • Whitney says:

      Awesome! Yeah I’ve never been up there… but I’m looking forward to a night away 🙂 Hopefully there won’t by much traffic traveling TO Oxford on Sunday! 🙂

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