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May 11, 2017

“Timetrack My Week” Weekly Spread

Find out how your spending your time with this weekly spread from lifebywhitney.com

I’ve been obsessed with learning how to be more productive lately, and I love utilizing my journal to help me along the way. This spread is called “Timetrack My Week” and I’m hoping once the week is over, I can tell how I spent my time. I’ve seen several ways to track time in journals across Instagram, and I’ve even used a similar time tracker back in November, but I love how this one has simple, vertical trackers, so I can compare my days side-by-side when the week is finished.

I’m color-coding my key with 6 colors representing 6 ways that I spend my time. At the end of the day (or throughout the day), I’ll color the sections of the day with the colors from the key, and hopefully I’ll discover some patterns to help me analyze (and improve) how I spend my time.  I’ve decided to track the following:

  • Work (this is my 40-hr per week job)
  • Blog Work (LifebyWhitney.com work)
  • Creating – I’ve realized I need to set more time aside to be creative, and get out from behind my computer/devices
  • Personal Time
  • Sleep
  • Other (Procrastination)

Let’s see how this turns out at the end of the week! In the near future, I’ll add all of my “after” pictures to each blog post. Until then, you can see them on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag your pictures #LifebyW for me to see. A new Friday Feature is coming tomorrow! Or tag me IN your picture if you use any of my spreads.

Have you ever used time-tracking to increase your productivity?? 👇 Let me know in the comments section! 👇

Find out how your spending your time with this weekly spread from lifebywhitney.com

This Week’s Spread Notes:

Left Page:

  • Day boxes – the border around the day boxes will be used to track mood & energy with my color key.

Right Page:

  • Daily Time Tracker – This graph is a vertical color-coded time tracker. The Key along the left side designated which colors I use. For example: red = blog, green = work, pink = personal time, grey = sleep. Color in the corresponding hours on the vertical chart with how I spent that time.
  • Week’s Best section – I fill this in at the end of the week with my favorites from the week. Feel free to change and track whatever you’d like. I’m using Song, Show, News, Memory, Food & Idea.
  • This Week – General things to get done this week.
  • Next Week – What I have to do in the coming weeks.

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