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Mood Rings Weekly Spread
May 4, 2017
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“Timetrack My Week” Weekly Spread
May 18, 2017

Circle the Weather Weekly Spread

Weekly spread with weather tracking, week's bests, and trackers. See more at

Well happy Thursday!! I’m posting a little later today than normal, but we’re getting prepared for the boyfriend’s parents to come into town for the weekend, and hopefully we can show them some fun on the Alabama coast. 🙂 We’re definitely going to hit up the beach and Fairhope & Derek’s busy prepping dinner for them tonight. It should be a good time.

This one’s called the “Circle the Weather” weekly spread — well, it’s really a “fill-in the circle with the weather” spread… but that just didn’t seem to flow!

Aaaand, I just have to say that I totally messed up when I filmed the how-to video on the “Week’s Bests” part. You can see the difference in my version and the printed version, but of course, feel free to use it however you’d like!

Don’t forget to tag your Instagram spreads with #LifebyW to get a chance for a Friday Feature tomorrow … PLUS I’m looking for your RECIPE spreads — use tag #LBW_Recipe & look for this round-up on 5/21. 🙂

Weekly spread with weather tracking, week's bests, and trackers. See more at

This Week’s Spread Notes:

  • Left hand page:
    • Day boxes for daily to-do’s (and dones!)
      • I’m going to draw weather icons at the end of each day in the circles on the far left
  • Right hand page:
    • Week’s Bests – 5 boxes for any category of what you want to write – examples: Movie, TV show, food, day, headline, song, book, podcast, etc.
    • This Week’s Priorities – what I have to get done!
    • Future Priorities – Important dates and appointments in the future.
    • Notes & Ideas
    • Steps – each day
    • Mood & energy tracker – The bottom has a scale, which you can color code or not. 😊

Tools Used:


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