Weekly Elements

Weekly Elements

Your Spread Building Blocks

Do you need help filling in your weekly bullet journal spreads?

What if you miss a few days? How do you fill up the blank space?

Use the table below to find Single or Tracker box ideas for your spreads.

You can even filter by the type of spread you’re designing for:

School, Work or Fancy. 🙌

Q. How do I use the table above?

Use the two filter boxes to populate the table:

Select an Element Type.

Then select a Spread Type.

You can also sort the Element Name column alphabetically by clicking the column header.

Q. Where can I learn more about Tracker Boxes and Single Boxes?

The Weekly Guide has all the details.

Q. What if I miss a few days in my journal? Is it a big deal?

Not at all! Your journal is supposed to be fun and flexible (that’s the whole point of bullet journaling).

So if you miss a day, or two, or five, it doesn’t matter. Use the table above to find ideas to fill up your extra boxes and any extra spaces.

Or here’s a list of ideas from the Weekly Guide.