Are you in the middle of binge-watching a TV show?? Isn’t that how we watch TV now? If so, are you keeping up with what you’re watching?

Yes, the Netflix app will keep up with your shows for you… but what if you’re watching on a different account, a different service, or it’s just been a while since you watched a particular show?? How do you remember where you left off?

I LOVE seeing how the journaling community is tracking their show-watching. If you’ve glanced through Instagram’s journaling pictures, you’ve probably seen several TV show trackers – some of you get SO creative when tracking what episode you’re on…

Now, WHY would you want to track all of this? Maybe…

  • It’s been a while since you’ve watched a certain show and you can’t remember where you left off.
  • You watch a few episodes of a new show, but then want to wait a while and binge it ~ some shows are SO much better all at once, right?!
  • You’re sharing a streaming account and the episodes get out of sync with where you actually stopped watching.
  • You could get through a few seasons and want to take a break and come back to it later.
  • You’re obsessed with tracking just about everything in your journal.

You just like making pretty trackers!

Below, I’ve compiled 15 creative and unique trackers to get YOU inspired to make your own.

TV Show Trackers

Alba at @archi_journal lists out her shows to watch & creates nice clean boxes under each show to represent seasons and episode numbers. Fill in or cross out each box after watching the shows.

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I’m loving this tracker that Brooke at @b.bulletjournal created. She shares movies and TV shows she wants to watch again! I’d have to agree with 90210, Dexter and Gossip Girl. 😜 If only we had more hours in the day, right?!

Any Breaking Bad fans out there? 🌵

You can’t NOT love this spread from Rhio (@rhiobujo). First – the drawing & color is simply amazing. Then, she highlights a few quotes from the show and writes out WHY she loves the show so much. And finally, she’s added the series tracker from Season 1-5. If you love this spread, make sure to check out her whole feed, because its JUST as impressive!

More TV Series Trackers!

I’ve added some other beautiful trackers from some amazing accounts below – you can click the pictures to get to the original picture from Instagram, so be sure to go show them some ❤’s!

In Conclusion…

Hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas for your series trackers – I’m now wanting to go binge watch some shows just so I can track something new in my journal! 😂

Let me know which trackers you love, and be sure to tag your journal Instagram pictures with #LifebyW for a chance to get featured in my next gallery!

Also – this is actually Part 2 of my Entertainment tracker series, see my first TV & Movie Trackers Inspiration gallery for some more examples.

👇 What kind of new inspiration galleries would you like to see? Let me know in the comment section! 👇

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