Meet the Tracker Pads!

Make journaling a breeze with these removable tracker sheets!


What's your Daily Goal?

What's your Daily Goal?

Want to be more productive?

Start small and add a daily goal to your journal. You'll be surprised how effective it is 🙂

Let's Get Tracking!

Let's Get Tracking!

Each sheet comes with a themed activity list, so you can jot down all your daily favorites - from music, to food, to bills (errrr) - and 3 horizontal meter trackers.

Highest-Quality Paper Stock

Highest-Quality Paper Stock

Your pad sheets are made with the highest-quality 70lb uncoated paper stock ... and they're 100 percent recyclable too!

50 Easy-Peel Sheets

50 Easy-Peel Sheets

Each pad comes with 50 sheets - each 4.25″ x 5.5″ - that you can easily remove and paste into your own journal!

The frontside is full color and the backside is blank.

How do I use the Tracker Pads?

Simply fill them out and paste into your journal! Check out the video.

What are the Tracker Pads made out of?

They are made out of 100% recyclable, premium 70 lb. uncoated text stock with one-sided colored gloss 🙂

Want to make journaling a breeze? Try these Tracker Pads. They're super easy and convenient. Each pad has 50 sheets and you get 2 pads per order (for a total of 100 sheets).
I love keeping up with everything about my day, and the tracker pads make it WAY easier when I'm too busy tor tired to pull out my journal!

Tracker Pads FAQs

Here’s all you need to know.

When would I use the Tracker Pads?

Use them for those days when you don’t necessarily want to sit down with your journal & write every single thing down.

It comes with a convenient, themed activity list so you can quickly jot down what matters most – from music, to food, to bills – and there’s also 3 horizontal meter trackers along the bottom.

What do the icons mean?

The icons are versions of the questions to ask yourself each night after you conquer your day!

How do I add the sheets to my journal?

Simply pull off each sheet – like with any pad of paper – and paste it into your journal.

I like to paste mine with my Washi tape 🙂

How many sheets come in a pad?

50 sheets per pad. You get 2 pads per order for a total of 100.

What are the sheet dimensions?

Each sheet is 4.25” x 5.5” inches.

How do I use the ‘Daily Goal’ field?

Put the ONE thing you want to make sure to accomplish for the day.

*Extra stuff to know...

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  • Tracker Pads are fully refundable within 30 days of receiving your order.
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  • Front-side messages only come in English, at the moment 🙂

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