Did you know Tombow JUST released 12 new colors for the first time since the 1980’s?! And they’re ALL beautiful!

If you’re a journaler like me, then I’m sure you’ve used Tombow pens for your calligraphy and lettering.

I use them so much in fact, that I created a Color Guide printable grid to help you organize all the 108 colors Tombow now offers!

What are the 12 new Tombow colors?

The new Tombow Dual Brush Pen colors are:

131 Lemon Lime
291 Alice Blue
401 Aqua
403 Bright Blue
407 Tiki Teal
379 Jade Green
569 Jet Blue
803 Pink Punch
817 Mauve
910 Opal
N49 Warm Gray 8
N52 Cool Gray 8

If you’re wanting to purchase JUST these colors, be sure to grab them through their website – you can get all 12 in one packuse the coupon code LIFEBYWHITNEY15 to save 15%!

Even if you don’t have all of the pens, you can organize everything you DO have in this 108-pen tote. This case is now available for individual sale on Tombow’s website – you can use the coupon code here too 🙂

I was previously using the 96-count desk stand, and made a Color Guide for that too.

This desk stand is even better – it’s super portable because of the top that snaps on and has a cool handle.

Plus, it folds out into 3 sections and you can spread it out to line your desk or make it fit the area you’re using.

Just so ya know, some links may be affiliate links, meaning I get a tiny percentage if you click through and buy, but that’s ALL put back into the blog and giveaways. 😁

Anyways, I made a color locater guide for the last desk stand, so I figured I should definitely make a new guide for this one too!

I followed the ‘Dual Brush Pens Color Chart’ from their Blending Palette, but the grid was a LITTLE different, so I ended up wrapping the greyscale pens around the right edge.

Once you get the guide printed, you can color in the squares to show ‘true’ color, because unfortunately some of the Tombow caps colors can be deceiving — they may look different on paper.

The printable has 6 separate grids, some are labeled with the colors and some are blank.

You can choose which ones you want to use. You may want to organize them a little different! Watch the video to see everything explained- and how I want to decorate the box top.

The updated version for all 108 pen colors.

Extra Tips

  • If you don’t have all the Tombow pen colors – to fit all the 108 spaces in this case – you can add any others like Mono drawing pens, highlighters, fudenosuke pens (my fav!), etc.
  • In the printable, there’s a square guide that you can cut out with scissors and paste to the inside of your case (like in the video). It can’t be seen when it’s all folded up.
  • Print the blank grids and add whatever colors you want – in whatever order you want!
  • Dont’ forget you can get the old printable for the 96-marker desk stand too.
  • Don’t throw away the packaging on the inside of the lid – turn it around and decorate it! (see how below)

The updated version for all 108 pen colors.

Don’t Forget Your Copy!

Thanks for reading along and I hope you find the Color Guide helpful!

If you want a copy, you can download the free printable grid below.

Just be sure to tag me if you print and use this to help organize your pens ~ I’m @lifebywhitney everywhere!

If you’re wanting to print a smaller version for your A5 size journal – print your version at 60% (like what I did in the video).

👇 Let me know how YOU organize your pens in the comment section below! 👇

The updated version for all 108 pen colors.

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