Everything you need to get your journal rockin’.

Whitney has tested over 100 different journaling products and office supplies.

Only the ones that maximized her productivity and planning made the final cut below.

Choose from a category below to explore more and find what’s right for you.

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Journaling Essentials

These are our go-to journaling supplies. This suite of goodies is especially perfect for beginners. 

Archer and Olive A5 Journal

Any Archer & Olive A5 Notebook – Use my code WHITNEY10 to save at checkout!
Prices vary


Picking the right pen will make your journaling life a LOT easier.

This collection here has the best brush, gel and fine tip pens – to fit your everyday tracking, doodling and bible journaling needs.

Learn more about Pens.

Journal Decoration

Decorating your bullet journal is one of the funnest parts 😂 – and luckily for you, all these supplies make decorating super easy and fun!

Choose between dry tools, like stencils, or wet applications, like stamps and ink patterns.

Office Setup

Your office is your sanctuary. Give it the treatment it deserves with the tools and furniture that will keep it working like a fine-tuned machine.

Fun Stuff

One of the best parts of journaling is being able to express yourself. Let your creativity run wild these super fun accessories…

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