Stamp Packs

When it comes time to decorate your journal, stamps are definitely where the fun meets the paper.

Quality stamps will free you from artistic worry and let you easily draw icons, add color, and save time not repeating the same artwork.



Made from the highest-quality photopolymer resins, these clear stamps stick to any acrylic blocks or smooth surfaces to make your journal amazing.

High-Resolution Images

Each transparent stamp is sculpted with high-resolution ink barriers for super crisp outlines and straight edges.

Dual-Strength Technology

Protect your stamps with double-sided backing sheets, that are simple to remove and re-apply after each use … and they keep you happily organized. 😉

Packs = $14.99

Common Questions

How many stamps come in each pack?

Each pack has either 23 or 24, depending on which one you choose!

Do the stamps come with acrylic blocks or ink?

No, they do not.

This is the best acrylic block and this is the best ink.

How do I clean my stamps?

Just wipe each one with a moist paper towel and the ink should come right off.

You should try and clean them after each use so there is no ink buildup.

What does ‘self-sticking’ mean?

It means these stamps stick to any acrylic blocks or smooth surfaces! The back-side of each stamp will remain sticky for a long time depending on use and care.

Do I need to worry about smudging/bleeding?

Each and every stamp is made with high-resolution ink barriers which make for super crisp outlines … so you don’t have to worry about smudging or bleeding. 😉 

How do I store my stamps?

All stamps come between double-sided, acetate backing sheets, from which you can easily remove each stamp and re-apply them after you use them.

These sheets really are great at keeping you organized 🙂

Are the stamps reusable?

Of course! Just reapply them to their backing sheet once you’re done using them.

*Extra stuff to know...

-We ship domestically to all U.S. states (that’s all 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii) for a flat rate specified at checkout.

-International shipping is also available for Stamp Packs to the 180 countries sanctioned by USPS.

-Shipping costs … wait for it … $1 for U.S. customers … and only $2 for everyone else on planet earth!

-Stamp Packs are fully refundable within 30 days of receiving your order.

Learn more about Shipping and Refund requirements.

As someone who is stamp-challenged, Whitney’s stamps are the only ones I will now use. They provide a crisp image and they are easy to clean. Please please please make some planner stamps (days of week, numbers, etc.). I would buy them all! 


Webster, NY


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