Meet My Journal Spreads!

Spreads are page designs – with many different elements – that you can transfer to your own journal.


Get Granular!

Get Granular!

Write down something about each day. This can be a daily goal, a positive thought, an important occurrence, etc. Fill in before or after your days. You choose how to use this!

Custom Headers

Custom Headers

Each spread is identified by a title header that is either a week or monthly timestamp or a custom theme/tracker name e.g. 'Bills' Tracker.



Sometimes it’s nice to see a quick overview of the calendar with your current week highlighted or outlined.

This is a good, aesthetically pleasing filler if you have a little extra room!

You choose if you want to use the calendar in more ways.

Goal Tracking

Goal Tracking

Many spreads come with goals and to-do boxes where you can add what you are working on right now and what you want to accomplish in the future!

If you have an appointment, meeting, or scheduled plan, you can add it to these boxes too or even add other goals you'd like to complete by the end of the day, week, month or year.

What types of designs do spreads come in?

Spreads come in 3 design types: Weekly, Monthly or Themed.
This is a fun spread that asks you thoughtful questions about your week. Answer them throughout the week and work towards your goals! Download this spread and more at!


When you want to track your week.

October’s slanted monthly spread -- it includes a habit tracker, goals, and memories section -- plus a spot for daily do’s! Find more at!


Or when you want a monthly overview!

Elements Modules & Trackers I Use for my journal with explanations & how I use them.


If you have a specific theme or topic to track.

How much do spreads cost?

Spreads can be bought in 3 different packages: Limited (Free), Full or Bundles.


  • 1 SPREAD
  • Measurement PDF
  • ‘My Version’ PDF
  • Notes PDF


  • 1 SPREAD
  • Measurement PDF
  • ‘My Version’ PDF
  • Notes PDF
  • Blank Printable PDF
  • ‘No Header’ PDF
  • Editable InDesign File
  • Blank Practice Printable
  • Final Spread Photo


  • 3+ SPREADS (from last month)
  • Measurement PDFs
  • ‘My Version’ PDFs
  • Notes PDFs
  • Blank Printable PDFs
  • ‘No Header’ PDFs
  • Editable InDesign Files
  • Blank Practice Printables
  • Final Spread Photos

What's included in the spread packages?

You get each of these PDF downloads per spread.


Click on a file name to learn more.

Measurement PDF

Each square for every spread is measured out for a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 size journal. This makes it easy to transfer to your own journal.

'My Version' PDF

Headings for each spread element are the same as mine in my posted spread (though fonts may be different).

Notes PDF

Everything you need to know about each spread element. I explain how I use each part of the layout.

Full and Bundles

All the Limited files, plus...

Blank Printable PDF

Printable PDF with lines only, so you can customize each box with your own handwriting. No watermarks.

'No Header' PDF

Same as the ‘My Version’ Spread, but the main header is missing, so you can print & add your own for any week of the year. No watermarks.

Editable InDesign Files

Edit the original file and print your own spreads with any headers or fonts. This includes tabs for all of the 4 PDF printable types.
* Prior to May 2017 these were Excel files.

Blank Practice Printables

Completely blank light grid printable, so you can design your own layouts from scratch before transferring to your own journal (This is how I come up with mine!).

Final Spread Photo

A clear, aerial pic of how my spread looks when it is finished (before the pen).

Finish your year with a fun Ribbon layout. Track your to-do's on the right page, and track mood, energy with the lines on the left page!

How do I transfer a spread to my own journal?

Use the Door Hanger and the free Journal Companion. Check out the video.

Spreads FAQs

All your spreads questions answered.

What’s the difference between Full Spreads and Bundles?

Full spreads are individual journal designs. Bundles are a collection of multiple Full spreads.  

How many spreads come in Bundles?

Bundles have at least 3 full spreads and include all the PDF files listed above for each spread.  

What type of file do my downloads come in?

All spread downloads come in a .zip file. This means that instead of having to download 35 individual PDFs, you can download 1 ZIP file full of them all, so it saves you a lot of button clicks!

Here’s how to open a .zip file on your mobile phone.

Where can I access my downloads after I checkout?

The download links will be available on the order confirmation page that you’ll see immediately after you successfully checkout.

You’ll also receive an ‘Order Complete’ email with links to your downloads too!

How often do you release free spreads?

Every month. You can also get over a year’s worth of free spreads in My Shop.

Is there any limit to how many free spreads I can download?

Nope. Get as many as you want 🙂

*Extra stuff to know...

  • All our downloadable products (all spreads) are non-refundable. Learn more about Refunds.
  • If you have any trouble at all downloading or accessing your spread files, please email us.

What about refunds and shipping?

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