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January Bundle


📦FREE Shipping on orders over $30 in the U.S.

Bring in the New Year with these killer January spreads.

It’s your time to create something amazing…

Spreads Included

You get SIX weekly spreads in this bundle:

  • Kites – Exclusive
  • All the Right Angles
  • Angles and Tangles
  • Simplicity Squared
  • Sliding into the Weekend
  • ZigZagging through the Week


  • The January bundle includes a bonus Weekly Meal Planner, so you can plan your meals the right way to begin your new year.
  • January 2020 Monthly Spread
PDF Printables

Each Weekly spread includes these PDF printables to help guide your transfer:

  1. Measurements PDF — a dot measurement guide to precisely transfer each spread design into your own journal.
  2. Blank PDF — the layout design without my section headers, so you can customize each section.
  3. No Header PDF — the layout design with my section headers but without the primary date header, so you can use it any time of year.

Each Monthly spread includes these PDFs: 

  1. Grid PDF — A simple grid outline to help you create the initial skeleton outline (rows & columns) of your layout before you commit to pen (so always use pencil here first).
  2. Measurements PDF — This is your second grid layout committed to pen strokes so you can begin to see your design take shape.
  3. Blank PDF — The design layout with just lines, so you can customize however you want. 
  4. Final — This is what the final design should look like. Use it as a reference while designing your layout.
How to Use

For all your spreads, you have 2 options:

  • Print and use the measurement files to re-draw the spread into your own journal.

Or simply…

  • Print and paste the blank version into your journal (or print on sticker paper and stick it into your journal).

Then customize however you’d like!

PRO TIP: It’s also best to use pencil first — especially when just starting your skeleton outlines — and to only make super-light strokes with your pencil. After you commit to pen, you can then erase any pencil guides.

🚀Need blank space ideas? Here’s a free PDF.
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