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Door Hanger Pro


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{This product is no longer available, but the NEWEST, UPDATED version of the Door Hanger Extreme tool is available as a digital download here.}

Get precise with the Door Hanger Pro and plan with confidence. Separate sections on your journal pages without even thinking!

Eliminate square and dot counting, just line it up — the Door Hanger Pro does the measuring work for you.

Details + Extras

{This product is no longer available, but the NEWEST, UPDATED version of the Door Hanger Extreme tool is available as a digital download here.}

Each Pro includes:

  • 2 door hanger pros ... that's right, you get 2 for the price of 1
  • Back-side ruler that fits both A5 Leuchtturm 1917 and Scribbles That Matter journals
  • Ruler rotates to fit both vertical/horizontal pages on left/right side, with letter guides matching the Journal Companion
  • Highest-quality paper stock (premium 16 pt. card stock) with two-sided colored gloss
  • Colored front-side with custom message
  • Handle hole to easily hang on any normal door knob

See it in action:

  • How the Door Hanger Pro works – click to watch
  • Draw monthly spreads QUICKLY & EASILY with the Door Hanger Pro (with 3 examples) – click to watch
  • How to draw a Health Tracker in your journal using the Door Hanger Pro – click to watch
FREE Shipping on orders over $30
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42 reviews for Door Hanger Pro

  1. Kelsey

    Excuse my language, but I got I my advanced pair of hangers, and these freakin’ RULE! It’s the original one on steroids for anyone who is serious about journaling. What I love most, is how quick it is to knock out a layout in my Scribbles. High five Whitney! Thank you.

  2. Juliette

    A ton of thought went into this. Super well made and definitely worth the $ – it’s a bargain actually.

  3. Amanda

    Seriously, one of new favorite things. It might look complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it (took a few mins), it saves a ton of time creating my journal grids. 5 star!!!

  4. Tanya

    Super convenient. Massive time saver. Highly recommend!

  5. Elaine McDonald

    Received mine here in the UK. Best tool ever invented, I am new to bullet journalling, I have watched a ton of videos this this tool will make planning/drawing spreads so much easier. For anyone else new to bullet journalling or even experienced journallers (don’t know if that’s even a word 🙂 ) this tool is a must have for time saving & easier spread designing.

    Thanks Whitney.

  6. Gena Forshee

    I used my new Doorhanger Pro for the March monthly live draw and LOVE it!! It is soo nice not to have to count now. I have the Lemome A5, which has 1 more grid box going vertical and horizontal. So, I lined up the Pro down/over one dot which gives a blank row at the top and bottom going vertically and the same horizontally. 🙂 Thank you!!

  7. Helena Purl

    It makes drawing spreads so simple. No more numbering columns and rows. The other hanger is wonderful but the pro takes up to another level.

  8. Jessica

    The Door Hanger Pro is genius! Very easy to use and allows me to quickly draw a new layout in half the time.

  9. Kim

    I was not expecting the quality to be as high as it is!! I’m blown away and cannot wait to use my new tool!!!

  10. Ashley

    I love the door hanger! It makes transferring layouts so much easier!!

  11. Diane Fraser

    Brilliant, this is going to be so useful… thank you x

  12. Anastasia

    Received this yesterday in the mail. Great quality, will make my layouts so much easier to create! The hand lettered envelope it came in, and the lovely letter included both made me feel truly appreciated. Overall, great value, fantastic quality and Whitney’s personal touch ensure I will be ordering from here again!

  13. Renee Gallo

    This! This is awesome! I liked the old one but it really needed exactly what this one has, the letter references. I busted out a 7×5 grid for a month calendar in no time. I love it. Thanks Whitney!

  14. mmholm

    So helpful and an incredible time saver! Takes all the quesswork out of putting together a perfect layout. Thank you Whitney!!

  15. Monica Wehrman

    Love this Door Hanger Pro! Whitney, you always amaze me how you always are creating… something new all the time… I know it had to take some time to put together. Happy to not count squares and it’s a handy ruler! Try it, you will be happy you did!

  16. Pam Reyno

    A very useful tool! Will make page designing so much quicker than counting individual rows and columns.

  17. Helena Purl

    Love it. Makes everything so much easier to draw.

  18. Pat Hensley

    I tried doing my journal without this doorhanger but once I watched how easy it was to use, I just had to have one. What a difference it makes in drawing layouts! It makes it fun to do a layout and I can’t wait to make a new one!! I think I would have quit journaling if it hadn’t been for this.

  19. Heather Hicks

    This was an excellent tool to help divide up your bullet journal pages without having to count lines over and over and mark them with pencil each time. This saves a lot of time and effort.

  20. Bobbie

    Love the new version of the door hanger!

  21. GinaD3

    The Door Hanger Pro has been a life saver for me as a BuJo Newbie! Thank you for taking the time to make this Whitney! It has helped so much with lines and where to put them on my spread.

  22. Christine

    This is such a neat idea! I have to try this! I hate counting out squares every time I make a new layout!

  23. Chelsea

    I got the Door Hanger Pro a few weeks ago, but I have been so busy, I just sat down today to play with it. I had very high hopes for it, due to the fact that I heard so many great things about it, but now that I have gotten a chance to play with it, I’m very sad. The lines on the Door Hanger Pro DO NOT match up with the dots in my A5 Leuchtturm1917, they are off a bit, making it very hard to make equal rows and columns. I don’t know if I am going to be using it anymore… It’s a great idea though!

    • Whitney

      Hey Chelsea! I’m sorry it’s not what you thought – I designed this specifically with the Leuchtturm A5 as that’s the only journal I’ve consistently used.
      This is not designed to line up perfectly with each dotted line in your journal… it’s meant to show you where to add lines if you’re wanting to separate your pages into separate equal sections. I hope this makes sense! The original door hanger is designed for the Leuchtturm exclusively and the marks actually lines up with the dots.
      Have you watched the How-To video here? Line the top arrow (1) up with the center of the top row of squares, and the 38 should line up in the bottom – or alternatively, find the center point of your page and line up the center of the door hanger.
      I hope this better explains it – I’m also creating a series of YouTube videos to show different uses for it. I hope this helps and you don’t get rid of it just yet!

  24. Carrie Smith

    Definitely looks very helpful… I’m saving money to start my supplies collection… This will definitely be on my list…

  25. Karen

    I originally bought the door hanger for my daughter but I find my self using it all the time. Love how much faster I can get a layout finished

  26. Stacy Fenig

    I received the Door Hanger Pro about 10 days ago – it’s such a helpful tool!! When I want to make a tracker, or any type of page that needs to be divided into sections, setting up the page goes really quickly! I also love that you get two – helps to use one as a ruler while the other stays at the end to line up the sections!!

  27. JENNO

    This is such a great idea! I am in love with ut!

  28. Em

    This is such a great tool for bullet journaling! I love it. Making layouts are so much easier. Thank you!

  29. Ginny Parker

    I use this every day in my Bujo. It is so handy.

  30. Ashley Monceaux

    I love using the door hanger pro❤❤ It makes making your layouts so much more easier, no more counting little dots & messing up & having to start over as we all have done time and time again!!! Thanks so much Whitney for creating such an awesome tool for your bullet journal & sharing it with us!!!

  31. Sheryl Hurley

    I love the door hanger pro, it make drawing out the pages so quick and easy

  32. wnamken

    Love the new door hanger Pro!! Makes drawi g a layout so much easier and it’s so efficient taking the guess work out of it!!

  33. Victoria

    Whitney, you are amazing! I love my door hanger pro. I can’t imagine how much time you spent figuring all of this out, but I truly appreciate you doing all of the hard work for me. For anyone that hates counting and measuring and math and erasing (lol), the Door Hanger Pro is a game changer!

  34. hur1eysh

    I love the door hanger pro, I laminated mine so it won’t get messy when I use it for a ruler

  35. Sandy

    The Door Hanger is an invaluable tool. It makes creating a layout so much easier!

  36. Vanessa Sumner

    This is such an awesome tool!! Makes transferring so easy and so much more efficient!

  37. Teresa

    Fabulous tool! It has made transferring designs so much easier! Thank you, Whitney!

  38. Wendy

    I really like using the door hanger! Makes spreads easier! Thanks!

  39. Shannon_Stevenson@hotmail.com

    The door hanger pro is AMAZING!!! It is extremely easy to use, and makes creating Whitney’s layouts a lot easier. The door hanger pro makes it so you don’t have to count and label each dot in the journal. Thanks for making such a great product.

  40. Laura Lynn Reeger North

    Love the Door Hanger! Perfect for the pro or the amateur like me. Cuts down on time (I don’t have any anyway) and mistakes ( I had plenty of those)! Whether you use a bullet journal to manage your life or to make your life more beautiful, you should have this tool! Another bonus is your kids can use this for school planning and projects! Think outside your BuJo for all the possible uses for the Door Hanger and you will wonder why you haven’t already pressed “BUY”!!!

  41. tracie carver

    this is so great for a beginner bullet journalist, so happy I found this.

  42. KDeChene

    You are brilliant for developing this tool! I can’t wait to get mine! It looks like it’s going to be a huge time saver!

    • Whitney

      It definitely will be! Enjoy!

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