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Door Hanger Pack


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{This product is outdated and no longer available, but the NEWEST, UPDATED version of the Door Hanger Extreme tool is available as a digital download here.}

Be a pro with the Door Hanger.

It’s a measurement tool, ruler, straight edge and bookmark all in one! If you’re having trouble transferring my designs to your own journal, then this will be a life-saver.

Details + Extras

{This product is outdated and no longer available, but the NEWEST, UPDATED version of the Door Hanger Extreme tool is available as a digital download here.}

Each pack includes:

  • 2 door hangers
  • Back-side ruler that fits in any A5 journal pages with 26 x 38 squares (specifically created for the Leuchtturm1917 A5 journal)
  • Ruler rotates to fit both vertical/horizontal pages on left/right side
  • Numbered guides for every 5 journal box intervals
  • Colored front-side with custom message
  • Handle hole to easily hang on any normal door knob ~ Click to watch how I use the Door Hanger & Free Journal Companion
FREE Shipping on orders over $30
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16 reviews for Door Hanger Pack

  1. Paulette

    One of the best journal purchases I’ve made all year! Such a time saver. Thank you, thank you, thank you… 🙂

  2. Emily

    I love these!! Journaling is so much easier!! Thank you!!!

  3. Dustin

    Whitney, first of all, these are awesome. Like, seriously, AWESOME! I use your Converter tool a lot, but now with the hanger I hopefully can now be an expert like you. Really appreciate you designing/making this tool to help us newbies 🙂

  4. caligal089

    This tool is amazing! It used to take me about an hour to do one of your spreads – with all of the measurements and tick marks for lines, i can produce a spread in about 10m! Thanks so much for creating an UBER useful tool that’s fun too!

  5. Kelley McCaffrey

    This is such a great idea! It makes drawing the spreads so much more fun for me! Thanks.

  6. Juliette

    This made my life SO much easier. Now my journal actually looks good now! Haha. Btw…I’m super impressed you made this yourself! Thanks much.

  7. Chloe

    Exactly what I needed. Thank you for making a my journal journey (no pun intended :), just a tad bit easier. Thanks!

  8. drscarfone

    This is such an awesome product!!! So excited to have this!!

  9. Sbarin

    This tool is awesome! I have problems with drawing straight and it really makes it a lot more simple having this tool for my bullet Journal spreads!

  10. Renee Gallo

    These are very helpful in doing measurements and getting things lined up easily. Totally worth it.

  11. Kareema

    LOVE this product. Makes drawing the spreads 10 times faster!

  12. karen-balch

    Oh, my gosh! These make Whitney’s designs SO much easier! My pack arrived just in time for Live-Draw 9. Attending the event with my door hangers made a design I’d never had tried because of the partial squares amazingly simple! The Companion (available to download for FREE and customizable at request!) and hangers use was thoroughly explained at the beginning of the Live-Draw video available in the Facebook group. These hangers have opened up so many more designs for me to download!

  13. Anthony Garcia

    This is a great tool. Very helpful for laying out pages. Cuts down on the counting and misaligning a lot. Thanks Whitney!

  14. Amber B.

    I absolutely love the door hanger!!! It makes drawing layouts so much easier and quicker!!

  15. AmyTee

    Huge time saver!

  16. Abbie Lynn

    I Ann looking forward to looking on your site to make all kinds of interesting daily and weekly spreads with my for hangers. I like different and interesting. Oh, the fun I will have.

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