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Journal Companion Pack


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Need help splitting your pages into equal sections?

The Journal Companion will make it super simple to divide your journal pages into columns and rows.

What's Included

Here's what you get:

  • Printable Journal Measurement Shortcut Tool:
    • This works hand-in-hand with the Door Hanger and Door Hanger Pro (OR for non-door hanger owners if you number the borders of your layout).
    • Simplify dividing your pages into equal sections. This gives you exact measurements of where the lines should be. No one needs a calculator anyways!
  • Blank Space Ideas:
    • If you're following one of my layouts but don't necessarily want to track the same things I do, visit this sheet for other space-filling ideas!
  • Blank Dotted & Numbered Spread for Printing & Practicing
    • If you want to practice my layouts before committing them to your journal, this page will help you out!
  • Habit Tracker Ideas - a sheet full of ideas for your habit trackers
How to Use

You have 2 options:

  • Print and use the measurement files to re-draw the spread into your own journal.

Or simply…

  • Print and paste the blank version into your journal (or print on sticker paper and stick it into your journal).

Then customize however you’d like!

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26 reviews for Journal Companion Pack

  1. Cameran

    Another super helpful tool Whitney! After watching your live draw I was pretty intimidated if I’m being honest (you make it look so easy), but after I used the measurement tool it really was a whole easier…and it doesn’t hurt that it was free too!

  2. Summer Burns

    This is so awesome. Exactly what i was looking for to help me plan out my layout!! Thank you!

  3. Ashli

    This pack seems so helpful – and if I switch journals I’m sure I’ll use it all the time, but my STM is 40Wx56H because I have the A4 journal. I’m going to try to adjust the measurements to be able to use this handy guide!

  4. Mary Kaiser

    The companion pack is awesome. Thanks for creating it!

  5. Sydney Sell

    Such a helpful tool to beginners like me 🙂

  6. Julia

    This is so helpful for someone who’s just starting out, and creativity isn’t your thing. Having ideas and a guideline is great!!!

  7. Angie

    Great tools.

  8. Charissa

    So helpful when creating your first bujo!

  9. werydkat

    This seems like it would be super helpful for a creator using an A5 notebook – but I use an STM in an A4, so I can’t use it. 🙁 Would love to see it updated to include a larger book.

  10. Liliana

    This product is very helpful for me to figure out how to draw layouts since I am a beginner to Bullet Journaling.

  11. Carissa Herron

    Everything she sells is awesome. It helps us create our own journal

  12. Heather Parrish

    So very helpful to have someone willing to share items to help people get organized! I love the practice sheets because I hate ‘messing up’ my bujo…..these help me plan my layout before putting it into action. THANKS!!

  13. Breana

    This tool is great for saving time while practicing or planning new layouts! The first layout I tried using this resource looks so much neater than others I had done before.

  14. Andrea

    Really nice. Helpful assistant. Thank you.

  15. Laura

    I love this!! Being new to bullet journals I started getting overwhelmed with ideas and ways to set it up. I was so happy to find this Companion because it simplified it all down to doable pages. I was also happy because I could get off the internet where a billion ideas live and just browse my Companion where I can find all I need laid out in a very manageable way. ♡

  16. Jackie Lucas

    The Site is nice and really easy to use. The site is also user friendly. The products are very helpful. hanks

  17. Chat

    All of Whitney’s layouts are easy to follow and creative! The journal companion that comes with it is such a great resource. I just started my first bullet journal and her designs help me look like a pro!!

  18. Renee

    I’m new to Bullet Journaling and this is Super helpful for easily creating layouts! Whitney’s videos are also easy to follow and Very helpful 🙂

  19. Ashley MAssey

    Love it

  20. diana caillouet

    Real easy to understand and use

  21. Becky Stephens

    I love the Journal Companion Pack! It makes setting up layouts for bujo newbies like myself quick and easy!

  22. Fiona

    Absolutely fantastic!

  23. Tracie

    This was a really helpful printable.

  24. Hazel

    Super cute and helpful!

  25. April

    This is a helpful and time saving tool!

  26. Dianne

    Love it

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