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August Bundle


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The summer is almost over and your bullet journal is ready for some new spreads!

Use these spreads to keep up with your busy upcoming calendar.

Spreads Included

You get SIX weekly spreads in this bundle:

  • Bamboo
  • In Zen
  • The 35 Weekly
  • The Charlie
  • Vertical Days
  • 08.29.16 Weekly


  • August 2020 Monthly Spread
PDF Printables

Each Weekly spread includes these PDF printables to help guide your transfer:

  1. Measurements PDF — a dot measurement guide to precisely transfer each spread design into your own journal.
  2. Blank PDF — the layout design without my section headers, so you can customize each section.
  3. No Header PDF — the layout design with my section headers but without the primary date header, so you can use it any time of year.

Each Monthly spread includes these PDFs: 

  1. Grid PDF — A simple grid outline to help you create the initial skeleton outline (rows & columns) of your layout before you commit to pen (so always use pencil here first).
  2. Measurements PDF — This is your second grid layout committed to pen strokes so you can begin to see your design take shape.
  3. Blank PDF — The design layout with just lines, so you can customize however you want. 
  4. Final — This is what the final design should look like. Use it as a reference while designing your layout.
How to Use

For all your spreads, you have 2 options:

  • Print and use the measurement files to re-draw the spread into your own journal.

Or simply…

  • Print and paste the blank version into your journal (or print on sticker paper and stick it into your journal).

Then customize however you’d like!

PRO TIP: It’s also best to use pencil first — especially when just starting your skeleton outlines — and to only make super-light strokes with your pencil. After you commit to pen, you can then erase any pencil guides.

🚀Need blank space ideas? Here’s a free PDF.
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