This is how we protect your info.

Your Privacy is important to us. You should continue reading to learn more about how we safeguard your info, what we do with it and what options are available to you.

By using Life by Whitney, you are accepting the practices described below, as well as our Margins and Golden Rules. 🙂

When using our website and submitting personal data to us, you may have certain rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws. For details, visit here.

Info Categories

How we classify your info and what we retrieve.


Learn more about cookies and web beacons.

Public Info

How you can safeguard and manage your visible details.

Your Details

Understand how we use your info and who sees it.

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Info Categories

The info we retrieve is considered either:


This is personally identifiable info that reveals who you are. So stuff like your last name, email and address. Things you probably want to keep secret.


This is info made available for everyone to see but does not reveal who you are. So stuff you enter during account creation or registration, like your username.


Info We Retrieve

We retrieve and save all different kinds of info to make your experience on Life by Whitney the best it can be, so you understand that:

– When you create an account, we retrieve info like your username, name, email and password that are required for everyone to become a member.

– When you become a customer, we retrieve info like your email, billing address and shipping address that are required at checkout to ensure delivery of your product.

– Your account ID, last login date and registration date, are all basic data fields we use to make sure our security features, any membership services and similar activities work to your benefit.


Other Info We Retrieve

We also retrieve info related to your use and behavior on Life by Whitney to help improve usability and the customer experience.

– We retrieve data about your computer or mobile device when you access Life by Whitney, like your IP address, type of device, operating system, browser or internet provider.

-We may also retrieve data regarding mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling activity. We do not retrieve keystroke information that you voluntarily enter on the website.

– We may retrieve your payment info, like your payment method, billing address, credit card data or any related info if you make purchases on Life by Whitney. Credit card transactions are processed through industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) by a third-party service provider (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, etc.).

– We may retrieve data by using tools like “cookies”, “web beacons” or third party analytics software, which may stay on our servers or your computers & devices. You can prohibit the use of these tools and files through your browser settings but understand you may not be able to access all of our services if you do.

30 days. Send it back in good shape, and you get your money back. 

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– Cookies are small data files sent from your browser to our servers anytime you access Life by Whitney. They make your experience much more convenient by remembering who you are, like saving your login username & password or your latest search results.

– Cookies also help us track what pages you visit, what you like and how you use Life by Whitney. Cookies do not access any of your private info.

Web Beacons

– Web beacons are clear GIF files. They usually work alongside cookies to personalize Life by Whitney for our members and to make it more user friendly.

– Web beacons help us gather small amounts of info and simple statistics on our visitor’s actions. Web beacons do not access any of your private info.

Usually your experience won’t be personalized and your password won’t be saved. 

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Info You Make Public

By “Public”, we mean any info you make visible to all Life by Whitney users.

– Public info includes, but is not limited to, your (i) username (ii) comments (iii) pics or (iv) any public content you provide.

– Public info can be seen on other websites or when people use search engines to look up a subject that relates to your posting. See our Margins for more rules.

– We do not recommend you post any private (personally identifiable) info, like your email, address or similar content in comments or in any public areas of Life by Whitney. We cannot control the actions of others who view this info and therefore are not liable for such actions.

Ways to Protect Your Info

You have multiple options at your disposal to further protect your privacy.

– You can opt-out of mail notifications anytime by selecting the “unsubscribe” link in any email you receive from us.

– You can update your info you provided us at registration anytime by editing your account information.

– If you want to delete your account, please email us.

Cookies are just small data files sent from your browser to our servers anytime you access the site! 

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Your Details

Life by Whitney uses your info to give you the most secure and customized experience. We use your info in these ways:

– To authenticate your account and grant you access to the services.

– We use your email to let you know of any mail notifications or any Life by Whitney updates you subscribed or opted-in for.

– We may also use your email to notify you about promotional offers and account related activities you subscribed or opted-in for, and such notifications may contain code for us to track the usage of these notifications.

– To retrieve demographic data about our members in order to customize content on Life by Whitney. We may share this data to trusted third-parties or advertisers but always on a private basis to protect your identity.

– To retrieve feedback and/or survey data from our members. This really helps our efforts to make Life by Whitney better.

– In order to invite your friends to Life by Whitney, we may offer you the ability to enter a friend’s email. We would then send a one-time email invite to that address and save your friend’s email in our database, as well as give them instructions on how to remove their name in the email invite.

– We may use your payment info to process your purchases. A third party processes your credit card transactions through industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or strong encryption (3DES), and only use your private info for transactional purposes.

– To make Life by Whitney more efficient with testing and troubleshooting, data analysis, research, product enhancements, and security upgrades.

Who Sees Your Info

The privacy of your info is paramount. We only share it with our partners who help us make Life by Whitney the best. These partners are strictly monitored and are required to abide by our rules. Here are a few things you understand and agree to:

– Our partners include (i) service providers (ii) law enforcement agencies, child protection services or court officials and (iii) business partners.

– Some of our service providers require your private info in order to do their jobs. Their roles generally focus on customer service, order fulfillment, promotional activities, analytics, security and technical support.

– We may or may not share your private info, with service providers who process services for us such as credit card transactions or any purchases.

– Service providers who handle credit card transactions or any purchases are under the utmost scrutiny and are strictly prohibited from sharing your private info.

– We may or may not share your private info, like your name and email address, with service providers who process services for us such as email marketing and automation.

 -We may or may not share your private info, like your name and email address, with service providers who process services for us such as email marketing and automation.

– We may or may not share your private info, like your IP address, type of device, operating system, browser or internet provider, with service providers who process user behavior analytics on Life by Whitney.

– When you use Life by Whitney, we may offer you links to our business partners’ websites through advertisements, offers or other promotions. We may share your private info with these business partners to offer you relevant products or services. If you make purchases on any of these separate websites you are agreeing to their privacy policies and terms and the transaction is solely between you and the business partner. Life by Whitney is not liable whatsoever for any loss or damage alleged or incurred from these dealings, including the sharing of info described above to our business partners.

– We may be required to share your private info if required by law, at the request of law enforcement agencies, child protection services or court officials, to exercise our legal rights or in regards to any legal matter.

– You agree that we may, at our sole discretion, share such private info if we believe it is necessary to (i) protect the well-being and safety our members (ii) prevent or take legal action against illegal or fraudulent activity or violators of this Privacy Doc or our Margins (iii) comply with legal investigations, subpoenas, court orders or any legal proceeding (iv) protect the rights or property of Life by Whitney, our members, affiliates, service providers, business partners or any third-party.

– Your public info may be available to search engine crawlers, bots and automations and may appear in search results. Your private info, like your last name, address, payment info, etc. will never appear. Any content you add to your profile may by publicly available, so we highly recommend you do not add any private info to your profile like your last name or email.

– We may share compiled or aggregated public info or private info (in non-human readable form) with our affiliates, service providers, business partners, investors or third parties in order to (i) generate user analytics and/or business reports (ii) develop targeting advertising campaigns on Life by Whitney or third party websites (iii) deliver customized advertisements through the use of cookies on your browser. To opt-out of cookies from our business partners, just go here.

No we don’t – all site purchases are processed by a secure third-party (e.g. Stripe, PayPal). 

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– We make Life by Whitney a digital fortress. Our security features work hard to protect your private info from public access, loss or any improper use and include (i) data encryption of personally identifiable and payment info (ii) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and (iii) industry standard encryption.

– Despite our commitment and confidence in your security, we are obligated to remind you that the internet is a big place with some unsavory individuals, therefore we cannot guarantee the safety of your info as it is sent between our servers and your computer. Any website on the internet has the same problems.

– This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


Kid's Privacy

– If you are under 13 years of age you are not allowed to use Life by Whitney or access our services in anyway. See our Margins.

– If you come across a registered member that appears to be a minor, you agree to report it immediately by email.

– We obviously do not knowingly accept info from any minor under 13 years of age. In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, if we believe we have received any info or content from a minor, we delete it from our database immediately.

Special Provisions

– If you don’t agree with this Privacy Doc (which you accept by using Life by Whitney), do not register for an account or use this website in any way.

– By accessing or using Life by Whitney, you agree to this Privacy Doc and to receive it in electronic form. To withdraw this consent, you must cease using Life by Whitney.

– We reserve the right to change this Privacy Doc at any time.

– If you continue to use Life by Whitney after we make any changes, you are acknowledging and accepting any and all changes to this Privacy Doc.

– You should regularly review this Privacy Doc as well as our Margins.

– We may offer additional services or features and we can revise any existing services at our sole discretion, and this Privacy Doc will apply to those as well. We can also stop offering any service at any time.

13 years old. While all our content is G-rated, we still abide by the Children’s Online Privacy Act. 

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What does "Life by Whitney" mean?

By “Life by Whitney” we mean all services and features offered on (i) (ii) any mobile applications (iii) or any premium services.

What does “We, Us, Our” mean?

By “We, Us, Our” we are referring to Bullet Everything LLC.

What does “User” mean?

By “User” we mean anyone who accesses or uses Life by Whitney.

What does "Member" mean?

By “Member” we mean any user who registers (by completing the account creation or sign-up process) thereby creating an account to view their private account details.

What does "Customer" mean?

By “Customer” we mean any user who completes the checkout process, with or without becoming a Member, for any product in our shop.

What does "Guest" mean?

By “Guest” we mean any Customer who completes the checkout process without becoming a Member.

*More definitions to know...

– By “Services” we mean use of (i) (ii) any mobile applications (iii) or any premium services.

– By “Use“ we mean use, related use, act, transmit, distribute, share, make public, display, post or make derivative works of.

– By “Can” we mean we reserve or maintain the right to take action.

– By “Content” we mean all uploaded media, pictures and videos, posts, personal information, registration details, ideas, comments, opinions or anything whatsoever you contribute to Life by Whitney.

– By “Downloadable Products” we mean all Spreads, Trackers or other digital creative works, free or paid, that are only available via digital download (i.e. they are not physically shipped).

– By “Shippable Products” we mean all Bracelets, Stamps, Door Hangers and Tracker Pads, that are delivered physically via a shipping carrier.

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