If you’ve been in the journal world for even a short amount of time, you’ve probably heard of the habit tracker… or seen pictures of weekly or monthly trackers. It’s pretty much a way to keep track of all the good (or bad) things you’ve done for the day.

The way I’ve chosen to track with my habit tracker is pretty in-depth. I love color-coding and each column has its own way of being filled out.

You may choose to keep it super-simple by just adding a checkmark or X (my key is pictured at the bottom of the page).

Just make it your own and figure out what works best for you!

The social media tracker is solely for my productivity stats. Most bloggers keep up with this monthly or some weekly, but I’ve been so into this month and in July that I wanted to record my numbers every night.

I try to fill it out as close to 10:00 pm as possible each night so the numbers have some consistency. I keep up with my Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Facebook group members, YouTube subscribers, mail list subscribers, page views, Pinterest followers, Twitter followers, and Klout score.

Let me show you how I do it…

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The Good Habits:

Choose what you want to title the columns. This month, I’ve chosen to keep track of the following:

My morning and evening mood (I use a color-coded key for this. Dark green = super happy, light green = happy, orange = content, pink = blah, and red = bad mood).

My weight – I have a color code for this as well (the same colors as moods, except the colors mean a certain number. When I weigh in the morning, I round it to the nearest # and color that number. Dark green is the best and red is the worst.)

Podcasts – I’ve started keeping track of what podcasts I listen to and when. Each podcast has its own little color-coded symbol in my key, and I draw the symbols in the squares.

Days I work on my blog(s) — I use a red checkmark for lifebywhitney.com and a green checkmark for thatsquareplate.com.

Workouts – I’ve also color-coded these as to what kind of workout I’ve done. (Red = arms, pink = chest, orange = legs, green = run, dark green = abs, yellow = other).

Whether I eat meat, fruit, & veggies that day. I color in the box with the color(s) of the food.

My pool games with my brother (a color code for who wins).

Whether I post to my Facebook pages. Same color code as “blog work.”

My # of Instagram posts I’ve posted that day.

I also use a checkmark to keep up with the following: making my bed, take all my vitamins, whether it’s a workday, whether or not I journal, and if I cook in.

That’s it for the good habits. Now on to the bad…

(it really is awesome! 😁)

The Bad Habits:

Soft drinks – checkmark if I’ve had one.

Alcohol – I color code this depending on what I’ve had (beer, wine, dark liquor, light liquor).

Spend money – checkmark.

Go out to eat (I add L for lunch or D for dinner).

Eat after 9:00 PM (I used to be bad about this).

Cheat eat.

And that’s it! Tell me in the comments below how you track your habits!

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