I‘m no expert when it comes to doodling, but I LOVE gawking at the doodle decorations I see on Instagram.

As a kid, I would watch Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons and draw all of the characters. At the time, I had no idea if my pictures were nice or not, but I remember liking them! And that’s all that really matters, right??? 😆

As with anything, getting better at doodling takes practice, practice, practice!!!

There are several spots online where you can find step-by-step tutorials on how to doodle certain things. I follow a bunch of these accounts on Instagram, and they make the whole process look so easy!

So in this post, I’m going to show you all my how-to inspirational resources to give you a ton of ideas and help you make your bullet journal look beautiful.

I’ll also show you my own simple process and a “Learn to Draw Patterns” video, so you can start decorating right away.

Sound good? Let the doodle journey begin, then leave a comment below!

My Doodling Process

My process is super simple. When you want to draw something specific:

  1. Google “SPECIFIC WORD doodle”.
  2. Check out the Google image results – they have SO many there, and these drawings look pretty manageable.
  3. Pick your favorite doodle art.
  4. Now, if you’re willing to cheat a bit, you can enlarge the photo on your phone, place it under your page, and roughly outline it (or you can just look at it, and draw it line-by-line with a pencil).
  5. Then once you’re happy with it – trace it!

Here are the Google images from when I doodled on a music page in my journal.

How-To Doodle Accounts

If you’re completely new to doodling (or to Instagram), you have GOT to check out these how-to accounts.

They’ll give you inspiration in no time, and they even have how-to posts that make it look so simple!

1. Liz at @bonjournal_

Liz at @bonjournal_ is your new favorite go-to for “how-to draw” Instagram posts. She shares simple, step-by-step tutorials pretty often and focuses mainly on floral illustrations!

She doesn’t rely on color to make her work stand, out – she simply uses a pen and a notebook, and the results are outstanding! Plus, she just started a YouTube channel, so check it out here!

2. Jennifer at @inkbyjeng

Jennifer (@inkbyjeng) is one of my first journal Insta-friends, and I am constantly impressed by her art (and her full line of journal products). Her journal style is minimal, yet functional, but she’s a fabulous artist too!

I love this lemon wedge tutorial she shared back in January! She has several like this throughout her feed, so give her a look! She is a must-follow for those looking for clean artistic journal art.

3. Christina at @my.life.in.a.bullet

Cristina (@my.life.in.a.bullet) is insanely impressive – and while she doesn’t specialize in “how-to” posts too often, maybe we can beg her to add a few more. 😉

Her Instagram feed is flawless with gorgeous journal pictures, and she’s started a YouTube channel that has skyrocketed in popularity because of her amazing Plan with Me videos! She makes it look so easy!

PRO TIP: Do YOU want to learn more about doodles? You have to check out this how-to MEGA GUIDE.

4. Amanda at @amandarachdoodles 

If you haven’t checked out AmandaRachLee’s feed yet, you’re bound to find a TON of inspiration on both doodling and journaling.

She shares how-to posts every once in a while on her Instagram (@amandarachdoodles), but has an awesome YouTube channel that will help you in ALL of your creative journeys. She also has a ton of bullet journal set up videos… you could spend hours watching.

5. More How-To Notables

Here are a few more accounts with how-to Instagram posts, that you don’t want to miss:

Learn to Draw Patterns

Have you tried to add patterns to your journal yet?

Watch this fun video to add some pattern flare to beautify your journal… even if you aren’t artistic.

Inspirational Favorites

There are TONS of inspirational doodle accounts out there, so I wish I could share them all, but these are a few that I’ve been following and love!

Let me know if you have any other favorites in the comments.

Click on a picture to head to the image on Instagram.

Book Recommendations

If you’re really wanting to up your doodling game, check these books out.

I was lucky enough to receive them from the artists, and they all include step by step how-to’s to help you from start to finish.

Once you get the hang of it, and with enough practice, you won’t need tutorials anymore!

Just so ya know, each book link above is an affiliate link (through Amazon), meaning I get a tiny percentage if you click through and buy, but that’s ALL put back into the blog and giveaways. 😁

Join a Doodle Challenge!

If you’re looking to practice your doodling – join in on a daily doodling challenge!

They’re usually themed for each month and have a particular hashtag related on Instagram so you can see others’ progress.

Here are some fun accounts to follow if you wanna get in on some doodle challenges:

Check out the current submissions for these challenges by clicking the hashtags below:

Wrapping Up

I hope you found some inspiration to help you up your doodling game!

I also just ran across a whole online class on Doodling from Tara at Rad & Happy – if you’re serious about improving your doodling, a class is a great way to learn it all in one go.

I am LOVING online classes now-a-days, since you can learn ANYTHING right from my home. 🤓

Lastly, if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you found this post helpful or if you have any brilliant doodle accounts to add to this list!

I love hearing your feedback, so say hello in the comments. 💕

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