A pretty journal, is a happy journal.

If you’re like me and not an artist, you can add simple art to your journal via brush lettering.

Start with these resources to improve your lettering skills:

Favorite Pens

Do you know which pens are the best? Well, I have some good news for you.

Color Guide

Get my free Tombow color guide to keep your pens organized. 

Brush Pen Test

I tested the Top-10 black brush pens. Explore the results.

Course Time

Take the Letter My Journal course to learn my lettering secrets.

Extra Resources

Check out this video to learn what pens you should use. 


Drastically improve your journaling calligraphy in just 2 short weeks with the Letter My Journal course.

15+ videos, 20+ lessons, for $49.99. 

(30-day worry-free guarantee)

Goodie Delivery

Get the free A to Z block letter practice sheet delivered straight to your inbox.

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