Are You Classic & Classy?

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Are You a Commander ๐ŸŽ–

Take the Weekly Spread Quiz to find out if you like to take the lead.

Are You an Experimenter?

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Are You a Crazy Key Lady?

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The Key Quiz

Take the 1-minute quiz to discover what type of key master you are. ๐Ÿ”‘

How long have you been journaling?

Have you created a key for your journal before?

Do you like to use color when planning?

Do you keep your journal for yourself or multiple family members?

Your bullet journal: Creative or Functional?

How often do you journal?

When you journal, how much time do you spend?

Would you consider your journaling time and planning time a hobby?

What's your Key Style?
Classic and Classy

Pink flowers and a key with the words: Your key style is Classic and Classy.

Congratulations! Your key style is classic and classy. You like to keep things simple and not over the top, and you'd rather spend more time DOING than 'planning to do.' Keep it simple with only one or two colors, and try using patterns instead of color coding every single thing! Check out the main key section and get comfortable with the basic symbols and shapes before adding any crazy colors or patterns! Ain't nobody got time for that! Check out the main symbols I use for my basic key in my new journal key guide!


Several keys surrounding a lock with the words You are a Commander.

Congratulations Commander! You've got a lot to keep up with and definitely try your best to keep everything organized. Try using life icons in your journal to help save time! These are tiny doodles that help you shortcut journal & keep up with everything that actually happened that day. You also probably want to stick to one or two colors since you're usually limited on time to sit down and actually spend a lot of time in your journal. Check out all of the life icons I use in my journal and try to come up with some fun ones of your own!


3 colorful keys and the words "You are an Experimenter".

Congratulations Experimentor! You like to keep up with all of your priorities in your journal, and you love to try new things! Keep a few colors for color-coding your tasks, and maybe even try highlighters or colored Post-It notes to organize all of your projects & deadlines. If you're short on time, use patterns instead of colors to represent your priorities. Keep it as flexible as your schedule and you're guaranteed a functional, fun journal! Check out how I use colors to manage my priorities in my master guide to journal keys!

Crazy Key Lady

Several small keys with the words You are a Crazy Key Lady.

Congratulations! You're a crazy key lady (or gentleman)! And that's *nothing* to be ashamed of (I am too)! You like to try *all the things* and change up your journal to whatever suits you at the time. I know you love stationery, pens, and trying new supplies, so feel free to change it up as you go! You may have one MAIN key, but you can always change up the colors you use each month (or each week) by making a color key on ANY page of your journal. Try using different colors in your trackers to make your pages pop, and check out how I use tracker colors ~ you might just find some new inspiration!

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