So I’m super excited to announce the latest addition to my journal sidekicks ~ the Today Tracker Pad!

I thought of this when I had several days of “not wanting to fill out my journal.” Sometimes, I’m just too tired or not in the mood, so I decided I needed something a little simpler with less thinking involved for these kind of nights.

I literally love tracking just about EVERYTHING, and I realize that when I’m filling out my journal, I’m always asking myself the same questions about my day. You can see ALL of the icons I use in my journal key here, and I’m always drawing the same little pictures over and over again in my book.

These are the questions/pictures I tend to repeat:
♥️ What did I LOVE today?
📖 What did I read today?
💡 What did I think about/learn today?
🎵 What did I listen to today?
💵 What did I pay for today?
📺 What did I watch today?
🍴 What did I eat today?

While I know everyone doesn’t track the same things in their journal, I decided that I should make the icons semi-vague so you can change the interpretation to whatever you want!

Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are SOME ways you can interpret the icons.

Ask yourself:
♥️ What are you thankful for today? What did you love today? Who did you love today? What was your favorite thing that happened today? What is some HAPPY news you heard?

📖 What did you read today? What did you study today? What book did you listen to today? What should you read next? Did you hear about any good books today? How much progress did you make in your book today?

💡 What ideas did you have today? What did you learn today?

🎵 What did you listen to today? What song was in your head all day? What was your favorite playlist, artist, or song today? Did you hear any new songs you loved today?

💵 What did you pay for today? Did you pay any bills today? How much did you spend today? Did you get paid today? Did you save or transfer any money today?

📺 What did you watch today? What YouTube video did you record today? What show premiered today? Which show had a finale today? What Netflix show do I want to binge next?

🍴 What did you eat today? Did you eat healthy today? Did you cook today? Did you go out to eat & where? Did you have any exceptional meals or try anything new today?

🎯 The top section also has a spot for your daily goal – you can write this at the end of the day like I’ve been doing, but ideally you should write it at the beginning of the day to make you more accountable to get it done! Another idea is to write your daily goal on the NEXT page for what you’re wanting to get done TOMORROW, then come back to the page that evening and fill everything else out.

If you find you want to add more info to the page, turn it over & write some more details. I tested this & the paper is thick enough so there is no bleed! Also, I’ve tested out adding daily info to your actual journal. If you DO want to pull out your journal that night, but don’t feel like making a daily layout, write all of your extra info underneath where you’ll paste your page. If you use washi tape, you can flip up and view everything else about your day. OR you can just add it to the opposite page (if you’re wanting to see everything in one spread). Really it’s up to you!

Multiple Ways to Use the Meter-Trackers

I’ve added meter-trackers for mood, energy & productivity along the bottom. These are divided into 10 squares to represent percentages – check mark how happy you were, how energetic you were, or how productive you were during your day.

You can also write times in these slots when you were MOST happy, energetic, or productive. Say you were happiest at 5:00 PM – mark the the 10th box beside Mood with “5:00PM.” If you were feeling the worst at 10:00 AM, write in one of the first boxes beside Mood “10:00 AM”. This may help you recognize patterns of what times you’re most productive/happy/energetic.

You can choose how you use the meter-trackers at the bottom. If you have extra time & want to use color, you can divide the 10 spots up like time throughout your day and color-code each time period. OR you could simply check mark your general mood, energy, or productivity during your day.

If you’re wanting more info, see what I’m talking about in the YouTube video below! 👇

I call these Today tracker Pads, but really they can be used for weeks too.

Say you didn’t pick up our journal for the past week or so, just write the days you’re covering up top, and ask the same questions to yourself for the week.

Once they’re filled out, what do you do with the page?

After you’ve finished filling out one of these pages, you can do whatever you want with it. Sometimes, I have a full weekly spread that I need to fill up, and I can transfer all the details from my Today page to my weekly spread. You can also do this with monthly or yearly spreads! I’ve seen several mood trackers on monthly & yearly spreads, so these may help you fill these out if you forget to flip back to your monthly or yearly pages every night.

Another idea is to paste the page onto a blank page in your journal – that way you won’t have to rewrite everything. This is what I’ve been doing this past week while testing these out. This gives me some Daily pages in my journal (when I’m typically used to weekly spreads). Once they’re secured, I can decorate all around it when I get the time, and my favorite part is practicing header designs above these pages. I’ll add a header to the top of the page and washi tape my Today tracker pad page underneath.

Grab Your Today Tracker Pads in the Shop

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