Refunds & Returns

Hassle-free refunds. That’s our guarantee.

Do you offer refunds?

Yup. We offer full refunds on all shippable goods (e.g. stamps, door hangers).

We don’t offer refunds or returns on downloadable products (e.g. spreads),
however, if you didn’t receive your download for some reason, please email us asap at

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How do I get a refund?

It’s as easy as pie! Just fill out the Return Form below on this page to get started. We will then email you with next steps.

We are completely cool with refunding your money, but to be fair to us, a few conditions need to be met first:

  • You have to submit the Return Form within 30 days of receiving your order (we have this rule so the goods are still in tip-top shape).
  • You have to pay the return shipping (it’s usually only a couple bucks).
  • Your returned goods must be in their original, pretty condition (if your dog took a bite of it, we won’t accept it, and no-go on the refund).

Who pays for return shipping?

You do. We don’t refund return shipping.

The good news is … you probably won’t be doing much returning, since our products are top notch 🙂

… and don’t forget, we do refund your full purchase price as long as you meet the conditions above.

When do I get my refund money?

Within 4 weeks of shipping back to us – it’s usually much quicker than that 🙂

Once we confirm your order information (and assuming your returned product is not in shambles), we’ll refund the card you paid with on the website.

Just please be patient and keep in mind the time it takes for the returned product to be delivered back to us (5 days) + processing time on our end (3 days max) + banking/merchant accounts to clear and do their thing (another 5 days).

We will do our best to update you (via your account email) with any important updates.

*Extra stuff to know...

  • You can cancel any order any time before it’s shipped. Just make sure to email us asap at
  • We usually ship orders within 48 hours, so cancel your order before then.
  • If you didn’t cancel your order within that time frame (before your order is shipped), then title & risk of loss is passed to you when it is given to the carrier. That’s just the way mail works, but contact us anyway if you need help and we’ll do our best to make things easy.


Shipping can be boring. Let’s make it fun.

Do you ship internationally?

You bet we ship abroad – for BraceletsStamps and Door Hangers, but not Tracker Pads!

Just make sure your country is on this list.

Our international shipping rates are only $2.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Of course. We’re Americans after all! 🙂

Same rate as continental U.S. … that’s $1.

How much does shipping cost?

Are you ready for this?

We only charge … wait for it … $1 for U.S customers … and only $2 for everyone else on planet earth!

We ship abroad for BraceletsStamps and Door Hangers (but not Tracker Pads).

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Do you offer tracking?

Since we ship via USPS, tracking is only available for Tracker Pads.

Tracking is not available for Bracelets, Stamps or Door Hangers.

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What if I don't get my shipment?

Don’t worry.

If you have any issues with receipt of your order or believe your shipment may be lost, just email us at We’ll help you take care of it.

*Extra stuff to know...

  • We ship to all U.S. states (that’s all 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii) for a flat rate specified at checkout.
  • We also ship internationally for a flat rate specified at checkout (for BraceletsStamps and Door Hangers, but not Tracker Pads). 
  • International shipping is only available to the 180 countries sanctioned by USPS.  
  • All our shipments are sent via USPS and tracking availability will be subject to USPS mail type specifications.

Return Form


* Please make sure your order was received within the last 30 days before completing this form!