Golden Rules

Golden Rules

The values that guide us.

Here at Life by Whitney, we believe in having fun and being creative.

So be happy and share your inspiration with everyone.

All we ask is you follow these guiding Golden Rules 🙂


We believe in sharing the love. All ideas are good ideas and should be shared. There should always be a free flow of these ideas, where we can all discover and enjoy this wealth of knowledge.


Equal Voice

If you have an opinion, then share it. As a community, we want to hear from you. Never hold back voicing your thoughts and feedback.



You are an inspiration…even if you don’t know it yet. Every creative work has the potential to make a positive impact.


Who doesn’t like friends? Anything, anywhere, has the right to meet others and form meaningful relationships. Let’s continue that here.



Never stop creating. There is no limit to creativity and Life by Whitney is a place where your creativity will be encouraged, fostered and supported.


Please be nice to others. Share the love and cultivate other’s good works. And I have to say it, please only use Life by Whitney with respectful intentions.

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