W‘ve all heard it over and over again growing up…

“Set GOALS for yourself, and success will follow.”

Easier said than done.

I never knew exactly what types of goals to set, how to conquer them, how to track them, etc.

But then I started my productivity journey.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve learned SO much more about setting goals and actually achieving them… I just wish I would’ve known all this about 10 years ago! 😉

Keep reading to learn my secrets. 🚀

(it’s a free PDF)

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Set Healthy Goals & Habits

Always make sure to start with setting reasonable goals — or even set HUGE goals (then if you “fail” you still feel accomplished).

The key is to learn how to break these goals into smaller more manageable pieces.

Set uninterrupted time aside to work on these smaller tasks and you’ll slowly but surely chisel away at your goals (more about this in my “Become Your Most Productive Self” post).

Another important habit to get into is grabbing your pen and paper and write stuff down! Seriously – the research is there. If you write down your goals, you’re 42% more likely to achieve them!

After the new year started, I realized I hadn’t written ANY of my 2018 goals down, but I wanted the best way possible to lay them out & actually see them every single day.

When setting your goals, imagine your future self. Ask yourself where you want to be one year from now… 12 months is a long time to look in advance. It’s actually TOO long when you’re trying to set goals for yourself.

Try to break your goals up into smaller chunks – 90-day goals are WAY more reasonable. If the deadline is in the foreseeable future, you have something you know you can work toward.

A year is just too long, and will most likely lead you to procrastinate! You want to be able to see all of your big goals at a glance. THIS is where the Goal Grid comes in!

This free grid is completely customizable and adaptable for any life-goal. It helps you look at the year as a whole, and break down your big yearly goals.

Try it right now and share your goal-crushing stories in the comments below. 👇

So How Does the Goal Grid Work?

Think of the Goal Grid as your full year ahead – this doesn’t have to start in January, but that’s how I’ve laid mine out.

The center 4 spots of the goal grid is where you write in your “bigger” 90-day goals.

If you expand each of these outward and divide into 3 sections each ~ you’ll have your 12 month boxes. Each of the 12 month-spots have enough space to write a monthly goal.

If you stop here, this is the most basic version of the grid. If you’re drawing in a journal, this may be all the room you have to be able to write everything.

If you’re using a larger piece of paper, keep expanding outward! I made a border around the months to highlight important dates.

In this case, I’ve added the tentative dates for my Live-Draw sessions.

Then, I drew one more border around to show what product I want to focus on promoting that month.

(start tracking goals the right way 💪)

I recommend taking it one step further and dividing your border into separate weeks.

Each Tuesday this year, I plan to release a new blog post, so I wrote the blog post topics in each of these spaces.

Now, when I look at the grid at a glance, I can see EXACTLY what I should be focusing on!

I modified the original version a little bit to adapt to drawing in a journal, but ideally this thing would be a big 12×12 sheet (or larger) and it would be FILLED UP with my year plan!

(it’s 100% free)

What Goals to Track

I came up with this grid to focus on my blogging goals, but you can use this for ANY goals you want to set. The goal grid is completely adaptable according to what you’re working toward.

Here are some ideas that may help you get started:

  • Fitness ~ weight training or running
  • Cleaning ~ getting your house in order and uncluttered
  • Business ~ set sales goals quarterly and monthly
  • Family ~ Make sure you’re not neglecting family. Set dates to have uninterrupted family time.
  • School ~ Write important due dates & make time each day or week for study-time!

Once your BIGGER goals are in place, you can break them down into smaller tasks.

When you have extra time in your schedule and wonder what you should work on — take a glance at the goal grid and see exactly where your focus should lie.

Remember this:

Make sure you are scheduling time with yourself to get your to-do’s done.

(Read more about time blocking here.)

Adapt the Goal Grid to Your Journal

I couldn’t wait to share this with you, and I KNEW I needed a way to adapt this into my journal.

I drew this in my last Live session over in my Facebook group (join the group to watch the full how-to), and changed it up just a little bit for the journal.

In the free printable, you’ll find the measurement template for the grid. This will fit on one page of your journal ~ but still there’s limited room to write everything.

The opposite page in the spread is a year glance and is a perfect spot to write in deadlines and important dates.

Download Your Copy!

Download the blank goal grid free through the link below!

I’ve also included the measurements for adding to your A5 journal.

If you end up trying the goal grid out for yourself, please use the hashtag #goalgrid and tag me (@lifebywhitney) in your post. I’ll add some of your pics to the blog! I would love to hear how it works for you!

👇 Click the link below to download! 👇

(it’s 100% free)

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you’re now inspired to start setting goals!

(Don’t forget your goal grid copy here.)

Now I want to hear from you:

How do you set goals?

What types of goals are you going to try first?

Let everyone know in the comments below. 👇

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