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September 18, 2016
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August 27, 2016
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Yearly Spread, Future Log, & Calendex Inspiration

The future log is a newer part of the Bullet Journal ® concept, and includes a certain number of future months on a spread or two. The number is up to you. Many draw out the entire year, to see it as a year at a glance. This really belongs at the beginning of your journal, but if you’ve already started, just add a spread wherever you can fit it making sure to track it in the index. (or add it to the very end of your journal!)

Some people have adapted whats called a “Calendex” which is columns (each column being a month), then separate with horizontal lines in between each week. So each row is a DAY, and symbols are used, since there is not much room, to add if you have something scheduled for that day. Symbols are also made by YOU. These can be as simple as a circle = an appointment, triangle = event, star = special occasion, etc. Some may even color code these symbols.

You can choose how far out you want your future log to go: a few months to several months or up to the end of the next year.

That’s another part of the joy of your journal.. you can make it as simple or complex as possible, and make it your own for what works for you.

I’ve asked Instagrammers as well as my subscribers who let me post their Instagram pictures for pictures of their yearly spreads, habit trackers, future logs, and calendex(es?). I’ve featured a few, but check out all of the awesome submissions on Instagram!

  • Let me know anything else you want to add about future logs or if you have any genius advice for journal beginners!
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