So this may be a little crazy and OCD to some, I do admit… but I’m trying to get my life super organized this year, and I’m a bit food obsessed.. plus I’m a fridge & pantry hoarder and I need to learn to control my spending at the grocery store when looking to cook something. I don’t need 3 jars of capers in the fridge!!

I just did a whole fridge and freezer clean-out yesterday in order to keep track of what I do have and what’s going out of date soon… I want to keep up with what I NEED to use and when.

So for the journal spread, I wanted to track all of this info, but wasn’t sure how to do it… because I didn’t want something super permanent since my fridge is ever-changing.

Aside from the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the fridge, I wrote down every single bottle or jar of something with an expiration date.

Then, I thought I would track it all with little “flag” post-its, similar to THESE from Amazon. (I got a pack of 5 colors from Target for like $3.49).

I grouped all of my stuff into the following four categories:

  • Condiments
  • Ingredients
  • Dairy + Meat
  • Other

You can see how I added the post its down the pages in the YouTube video below, but I wanted to make sure the post-it on the right under each column was the one on top (so more room to write name of product. On the left post-it, I write the expiration date. I didn’t put these into any particular order, because I know they’re ever-changing and I didn’t want to be too OCD and let it bug me. Plus, it’s not a ton of info per column, so if I’m looking for an ingredient it won’t be hard to find if I know the header.

Once I use up or throw away an ingredient, I can just dispose of the Post-It row, and replace it with something new. OR if I get a new jar of something, I can just replace the expiration Post-It. Also, I can get a quick glance of anything that’s expiring soon so I know what I want to use that week…

No telling how long I’ll actually keep up with or use this system, but I love the look of it and I’m using my journal every day. I think I wanna see what happens, and possibly implement a spread just for PANTRY and one for SPICES to keep up with expiration dates, because I’m even worse with pantry stuff. 😂

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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