I‘m convinced. Circle trackers can make your journal amazing. I’ve been journaling for nearly two years, and I have yet to use a circle tracker!!

…until now. 😇

In this post, we’re going to learn how to set up a circle tracker in your bullet journal and we’ll see tons of circle tracker examples from my favorite experts!

You’ll then be able to track how you spend 24 hours in a day (and your monthly habits), and I also included a FREE measurement printable & video how-to.

Are you ready to improve your journal?!

My Tracker

This is 24-hour tracker to show exactly how I spent my day. I hardly have daily spreads in my journal, but I think this is a perfect – and pretty – way to track how I spent the past 24 hours. I first started out by drawing out the circle and measuring out the lines with a protractor — YES, I ordered a protractor set just for my journal. 🤓 Once I had my 24 spots to represent each of the 24 hours, I created a color key to use and label each hour.

I wrote down what happened that day, then came to the circle tracker to write (and decorate) my 24-hour circle day! The video shows the whole process, so make sure to watch the process if you wanna see EVERYTHING…

(yup, it’s really free)

How to Split Your Circle

I’ve used circles in some of my weekly spreads, but never to track my time or habits. When it comes to these things, though, I like to be precise. Maybe that’s what was holding me back. I want everything to be even and exact – its annoying sometimes, but I know many of you are just like me… SO – I ended up making a circle tracker measurement guide for us nerds who are willing to pull out the protractor and get to business. 😉

I think it’s because my dad was a math teacher when I was little that I love pulling numbers into everything I do… but really the protractor can be a pretty cool tool for your journal. I’ve made a number guide to show you exactly where to add your lines if you’re wanting even spaces in your circles – and if you’re still unsure of what in the world I’m talking about, make sure to watch the video to get a better explanation!

The video below shows exactly how I set everything up and how I split the sections up equally. Plus, I come back the next day and show you how I filled this bad boy out…

The 24-Hour day tracker is only the BEGINNING of how to utilize circle trackers in your journal… I LOVE how this turned out and am looking forward to tracking more with circles.

If you love the circle tracker, but would rather just print it out – the freebie at the bottom has a printable version of the 24-hour tracker. I’ve also created 20 additional unique circle trackers if you’re wanting to get creative and use them for your weeks, months, or years!

I also wanna suggest my favorite circle tools – yes, I ordered the Mr. Pen protractor set and it has a perfectly good compass with it, but the compass got me a little frustrated because I wanted to use my favorite pens. I suggest trying out these circle stencils:

  • The Westcott LetterCraft Large & Small Circles Template has smaller circle designs, but is super easy to trace. [see it on Amazon]
  • The Pickett Circle Radius Master Template creates circles up to 7.5 inches wide! [see it on Amazon]
  • I’ve seen these types of stencils at Hobby Lobby, so I’m sure you can find similar ones at your local craft store 😊

Anyways… now that the how-to & supplies are covered, let’s get to some inspiration!

Instagram is THE spot to find journal inspiration, but sometimes it’s hard to get similar pics all in one spot. I’ve curated some of the coolest circle trackers, and I tried to get a variety so hopefully they’ll spark some new ideas for you!

Monthly Circle Tracker Inspiration

I’ve seen a TON of beautiful circle trackers on Instagram, and monthly trackers seem to be the most popular. There are several ways to use these circle tracker to plan & track your life. First, you have to give credit to the original calendar wheel maker, Dee at decadethirty.com – she uses hers to plan her month!

You can use one big wheel or several small separate wheels (like Malin @journalbymalin) to track habits. I LOVE the color-coded style Lili (@rainbowbulletjournal) uses to track her mood, sleep and steps all in one wheel!

Click any of the pictures below to view their original post on Instagram.

Yearly, Weekly & Daily Circle Trackers

Years, weeks, and days can also convert into a circular styles. Split your wheel into 12 equal sections for the month and highlight important dates. I’ve seen several yearly birthday calendar wheels, and it’s a great thing to add to the beginning of your journal to show your upcoming plans for the year.

Weekly spreads and daily spreads can hold a ton of info and give you a good visual representation of how you may be spending your days. I made a 24 hour time tracker, but below you’ll see a ton of other daily time-tracking ideas from Eli (@productivestyle). I hope you get some inspiration from these fun trackers – be sure to visit your favs on Instagram and say hello! ♥️

So, What Do You Think?

Are you ready to try a circle tracker of your own?

After you do, leave a comment below!

Don’t forget, you can create your own tracker with the measurement file from the freebie below!

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