In this post, you’re going to discover 379 actionable ideas for your bullet journal!

I’ve personally created over 600 spread designs (7 journals’ worth), and these battle-tested ideas are proven to be the absolute best for journaling.

But here’s the kicker:

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, looking for monthly or weekly spreads, or simply searching for inspiration — this is the exact same list I use to start my creative process every time.

Keep reading and you’ll learn my secrets. 🚀

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Family Spreads

Use these to track what’s most important in life. 🙂

  • Holiday Traditions

    Ever hear of a cool holiday tradition you’d love to copy? Make a list of new traditions to spice up your upcoming holiday season.

  • Wedding Songs

    Have you ever heard a catchy song and thought it would be perfect for a wedding (it could be your upcoming wedding or friends)? Jot down your favorites — you’d be surprised how often a quality song recommendation is needed.

  • Car Safety Checklist

    Make a list of all the items you need for a safe road trip: spare tires, lights, signals, wipers…

  • Adulting

    Jot down lessons your kids should know before becoming an adult.

  • Kids Critical Info

    Save all the details of your kiddos that you might need in a pinch: doctor’s contact, social security #, medical history…

  • Birthdays

    Write down birthdays and important anniversary dates for your family and friends. This way, you’ll never forget a birthday again (calendar alerts on your phone work best though)! 😀

  • Things My Kids Say

    This can be an absolutely hilarious spread to look back on. All kids have their hilarious quotes, so a spread in your journal with all those “darndest things”, is a really fun way to keep up with your little comedians.

  • Holiday Gift Ideas

    Throughout the year, write down gift ideas for your loved ones. That way, when Christmas and birthdays come around, you can just look at your list to know exactly who wants what!

  • Date Night Ideas

    Make a list of fun and unique date ideas, so you have something to look at when you ask yourself… “what should we do this weekend?”

  • Yours & Kids Doctor Appts.

    Keep up with your doctor appointments and make sure to have them scheduled regularly. You can even take it a step further and write down any test results or doctor’s advice.

It get's better: there are 18 more...
  • Family Members Addresses

    When you’re ready to send cards or gifts, you’ll know where to send them!

  • Party or Holiday Planning

    When planning for a big holiday get together, write down who’s bringing what and all of your responsibilities and party ideas. Reference the list when it’s time to plan the event to stay ahead of the game! It will definitely help you relieve some stress too. 😉

  • New Baby “Firsts”

    Keep track of big (and small) milestones in your baby’s life. This is such a cool spread to keep in the Memory box.

  • Lunchbox Tracker / Lunchbox Ideas

    Do you pack your kiddos’ lunches? Make a list of the things they like (and don’t like) in their lunchbox, and try to make sure your pantry is stocked before the week begins!

  • Baby Names

    If you’re planning to have children (or pets), it’s time to make a list of potential names for your new additions!

  • Wedding Planning

    Plan your perfect wedding in your bullet journal by writing down all your wedding essentials (I can hear the wedding bells now 💒). Even if you’re not engaged right yet, it’s a great spot to jot down fun ideas for your dream wedding!

  • Honeymoon

    Make a list of places you’d like to go for your honeymoon OR if you already know where you want to go, make a list of the things you’d like to do, see or eat while you’re there.

  • Gift Dollars

    Use a gift tracker to keep up with Christmas gifts and the amount you’ve spent on each person.

  • Clothes Sizes

    Write down your kids’ (or your own) clothing sizes for the next time you’re shopping (or if you need to share your details with someone).

  • Thank You Cards to Write

    Write down the gifts you’ve received so you know who you will need to send thank you cards to.

  • Family Calendar

    This should probably be available for the whole family to see, but keeping a calendar with EVERYBODY’S appointments can help keep your family’s schedule in check.

  • Chore Tracker / Reward System

    Write a list of your kids’ chores, along with extra bonus chores they can get an award for finishing.

  • Kids Sports Schedules

    Write out (or tape in) your kids’ sports schedules. List where games are taking place, what time, and any final scores.

  • Kids Class Schedule

    Write down your kids’ daily school schedule with times, teachers, and subjects.

  • Kids’ Parents, Coaches, Teachers’ Contact Information

    This is probably best kept on your phone, but you can keep these details in your journal too just in case.

  • Bedtime Stories

    Write down your kids’ favorite bedtime story books. This is a good list to keep for when THEY have kids too and want stories to read. 😊

  • Babysitting / Sitters

    Make a list of current and potential babysitters with names and phone numbers. Also, you can track what you’d pay them and when you last called them!

  • Family Tree

    Do you have trouble remembering the names of everyone in your family? You’re not alone. Draw a family tree so you can keep track of all your extended family!

Alright! That’s it for Family spreads. We’re just getting started…

Health Spreads

Keep your health on track with these layout ideas. ❤️

  • Gym Routine

    Track how (and in what order) you use specific exercise machines in your gym.

  • Daily Step Tracker

    Track how many steps you take per day (if you have an Apple Watch, refer to your step app).

  • Stretching

    If you do basic stretches to stay flexible, write down your favorites and how often you did them.

  • Flossing

    Do you floss after every meal (you should :))? Track how often you floss your pearly whites.

  • Sleep Recovery / Quality

    How refreshed do you feel after a night’s sleep? Rate how well you sleep at night.

  • Aches & Soreness

    Write down new aches or ailments you discover as you age.

  • Alcohol Tracker

    Keep tabs on how many drinks you have each day.

  • Tobacco/Vaping Tracker

    If you use tobacco (or have other bad habits), monitor how often you indulge so you can cut back.

  • Symptom Tracker

    Write down all your symptoms when you start to feel sick — that way you can cross-reference any activity logs you may have to see what caused those symptoms.

  • Triggers

    Do you suffer from panic attacks or stress? Use this spread to monitor any situational or environmental triggers and any behavioral patterns that lead up to them.

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  • Happiness Reminders

    Write down tips & lessons to remind you to put things in perspective. For example, “take a step back”, “keep it simple stupid” or “it could be worse”.

  • Therapy

    Take notes on your therapy sessions, and jot down what you learned about yourself, what progress you made, and what you want to topics to tackle next time.

  • Healthcare Spending

    Write down all your prescription and healthcare costs. Try including all your pharmacy visits too! (I work at a pharmacy so trust me 👍).

  • Calorie Counter

    Track the food you eat along with the calories you consume.

  • CBD

    Rate your favorite brands and track their effectiveness and prices.

  • Vision Test

    Conduct a simple eye test each month and monitor the quality of your vision. Also track when you changed your contacts/glasses, and your upcoming doctor’s appointments.

  • Massages

    When is last time you had massage? Track when you got a massage, who treated you, what they massaged, and if you were sore the next day.

  • First Aid and CPR How-To

    Remind yourself of first aid guidelines so you can be prepared in an emergency.

  • Fitness Goals

    Write down your fitness goals and the steps you need to take to get there.

  • Water Tracker

    Do you know how much water you should be drinking? Think of your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. This is how many ounces of water you should be drinking each day (at least!). Make a spread to make sure you’re getting all of the water you need, or keep up with it in your weekly and daily spreads.

  • Migraines

    Track when you have your headaches and write down anything out of the ordinary that may have caused them. Hopefully, you’ll start to notice a pattern for certain triggers and get them under control.

  • Run Distance

    Use an app on your watch or phone to track how many miles you’re running or walking. Add these up each week or month, and compete with yourself to beat your max distance.

  • Medicine Tracker

    Track symptoms and reactions/allergies to certain medicines.

  • Sugar Tracking

    I dare you to track your sugar for a week. Just look at how many grams of sugar is in your food and drinks, and add them all up! If you’re a sugar addict, tracking this number will help control your sugar intake.

  • Healthy Foods

    Make a list of healthy foods you actually enjoy and reference it when you’re making a grocery list for the week. 😉

  • Weight Tracker

    If you’re trying to shed a few pounds, make a fun tracker to show your weight loss progress.

  • Caffeine Intake

    Write down how much caffeine you are drinking daily!

  • Meditation Tracking

    Track when you meditate and for how long. Also take notes on where you were, what you listened to, and how you felt before and after.

  • Couch to 5K

    This is a great app to help you train for a 5K race and one that you should definitely track your progress within your journal. Write down when you complete each day and how you felt after each run.

  • Yoga Positions

    Write (or draw) new yoga positions to try out.

  • Pushup / Sit-Up / Yoga 30-Day Challenges

    Keep track of a 30-day challenge in your bullet journal. Print one out from Pinterest (search “30-day fitness challenge”) or write it out and mark your progress after you complete each day.

  • Exercise Channels

    YouTube is a great spot to find fitness instructors for free. Make a list of your favorite channels in case you’re looking to try something new.

  • New Exercises Tried

    There are TONS of new exercises out now and you should try as many as you can to see which ones you like best. Track each one, along with its pros and cons.

  • Program Tracking

    If you like to commit to certain exercise programs, like Beachbody, you can keep up with your progress in your bullet journal.

  • Lactose

    If you’re lactose intolerant, track your symptoms and problem foods so you can make sure to stay away!

  • Sick Tracker

    Write down when you get sick and what you’re sick with. Also, keep up with the medicines you take just in case you end up with the same symptoms again.

  • Vitamins or Supplements

    Write down what vitamins and supplements you’re taking and when.

  • Breastfeeding

    New moms may want to keep up with how often they breastfeed and pump.

  • Energy Tracking

    Track your energy levels throughout the day. This can help you find out when you’re at your peak energy level for certain projects.

  • Sex

    Keep up with how often you have sex… and you can even rate it.

  • Sleep Tracker

    Track the amount of time you spend sleeping. Write down your estimated “fall asleep” time and then what time you wake up. Check out the fun sleep tracker ideas on my Inspiration page.

  • Ovulation

    If you’re trying for a baby, you can track your ovulation and period cycles in your journal.

  • Blood Pressure Tracker

    If high blood pressure runs in your family, make a habit to check yours once a month to make sure you’re still in the normal range. Circle trackers make habit tracking easy.

  • BMI

    Another important health number is your Body Mass Index. If you’re on a weight loss journey, this is a good ratio to track if you’re wanting to get in shape. Google “BMI” to find out yours!

  • 100 Calorie Snacks

    Make a list of 100 calorie snacks. When you’re planning your weekly grocery trips, pick up a few new choices so you’ll always have something semi-healthy to snack on around the house.

  • Pain Tracker

    For those of you suffering with chronic pain, a lovely lady in one of my Facebook groups suggested tracking daily pain tracker. Mark when and where you’re experiencing pain and how severe it is, then take it to the doctor for your appointments.

  • Macros

    Did you know tracking your macros is a way to help you stay on track for your health goals? To track your macros, look at the carbs, fat, and protein in your food and make a log of each.

  • Weightlifting (Max Lift)

    If you workout with weights or you are CrossFit powerhouse, you may want to track your max lifts and reps.

  • Pregnancy Tracker

    Track your cravings, the size of your baby, and everything that goes along with pregnancy!

PRO TIP: Want to fast track your learning curve? Here is the how-to MEGA GUIDE.
Way to go! Health complete. Now time to be entertained…


Hollywood never sleeps. Here’s how to keep track of the bright lights.

  • TV Series Tracker

    Series trackers are great for Netflix bingers. Once you finish a season, check it off.

  • Movies to See

    Make a list or a tracker of movies you’re itching to see.

  • Sports Scores and Results

    Use your sports schedule spread or a new spread to track the scores of your favorite teams. You can even write in highlights or records broken during each game.

  • Concert Tracker

    Write down any concerts you’ve been to or list your favorite concerts ever! Or make a spread based on one concert you just went to — write out your favorite songs, moments, and memories from the show.

  • Song of the Day / Week / Month

    If you’re a music lover like me, you’re always looking to find new songs. Spotify and Last.FM keep up with your listening habits, so they can tell you what your favorite songs were for a particular week or month. You could also write down songs you find yourself listening to on repeat!

  • Book Reviews

    While you’re reading a book (or once you finish), write a review about the book and whether you would read it again.

  • Podcasts

    Create a list of favorite shows and episodes, and jot down the date you subscribed as well.

  • Award Shows

    Make a spread full of your predictions for the Grammy winners — or Oscars, or VMAs, etc. — it’s fun to make award shows into “games” where you pick the winners before they’re announced!

  • Favorite Playlists

    I try to find at least one new playlist a month based off of my Spotify’s suggestions. Write down your favorite playlists so you can come back to them later.

  • Quotes from Books

    Do any quotes stand out from your favorite books? Make a full page of the best quotes you read.

Wait: we got 33 more to go!
  • Show Premieres

    When does your favorite show premiere? Make a list of future premieres of your favorite shows OR do some Googling, list your favorite shows of all time, and then write down what date they first EVER premiered. Then feel old!

  • Release Dates: Theater & Video

    Create a list or use a calendar to mark releases of movies. Track the release of movies in the movie theater OR the video release date.

  • Movie & TV Ratings

    List movies or TV shows you watch with star ratings beside them. You can even add a short description of what you liked and disliked about the movie. Just answer the question: would you watch again?

  • TV Show Progress

    Track episodes you’ve seen of your favorite TV shows. If you know how many episodes are in a TV show, you can make the tracker before the season starts. If not, list the episodes as the show airs.

  • TV Shows to Watch

    Make a list of TV shows you’re dying to see! You can also make a list of shows you’ve already watched, and what season and channel they’re on.

  • Concert Venue Schedule

    Do you have a concert venue nearby? Check out their upcoming schedule and make a list of all the events you’d like to attend!

  • All-Time Favorite Songs / Bands

    Make a list of your favorite artists, bands, and songs. This makes for an awesome custom playlist!

  • Song Lyrics

    Certain songs are very meaningful and their lyrics can be used as the focus of a spread. Practice your lettering with some of your favorite song lyrics.

  • Book Progress Tracker

    Keep track of chapters or page numbers of books you’re reading. This is one way to keep up with the goal of reading a certain number of books a year. Read a little each day and mark your progress each night.

  • Library Book Tracker

    List library books that you’ve checked out and their due dates. You can also make notes about the best books and ones you would recommend to others.

  • Books to Read

    Jot down books you want to read or download. I personally use the app Goodreads and then update my journal list when I add new books.

  • Books I Want

    Some books are so good you just have to have them (that’s usually cookbooks for me)! Make a list of books you’d like to own, and then when gift-giving season comes around, you’ll have some great suggestions. 😉

  • Favorite Books

    Make a list of your all-time favorite books!

  • Favorite Sports Team Schedule

    Do you have a favorite team? Write their schedule down in your journal, and if it’s televised, write down which channel it will air on.

  • Event Planning

    Are you ever in charge of planning or helping to plan an event? Brainstorm event ideas and set up a timeline for your to-do’s in your journal.

  • Favorite Apps

    Favorites change over the years and it’s nice to have a reference in case you ever forget the name of a particular app. I made a mock-up of my home screen and drew all of the apps in my journal.

  • Celebrities / Idols

    Do you fangirl over certain celebrities? Or maybe you have a certain respect for leaders in a particular industry? Make a spread about them!

  • Podcast Progress

    Do you listen to a ton of podcasts? Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Make a list of all of the podcasts you listen to and track the episode numbers.

  • Olympics

    This is a fun spread to make every few years when the Olympics come around. Keep track of your favorite scheduled events and medal count.

  • Stand-Up Comedians

    This is one of the very first lists I ever made in my bullet journal! I’m a huge stand-up fan and listed out all of the comedians I’ve seen live. Hint: You can go back on Ticketmaster and StubHub to see your ticket purchase history. 😉

  • Documentaries

    Track the documentaries you want to watch or your favorites you have watched… FYI Netflix is full of them!

  • Favorite Games

    Make a list of your favorite board games or games to play on a rainy day.

  • Game Rules

    Have you ever sat down to play a card game and can’t remember the rules? Write down the hard-to-remember rules so you can reference them when you’re ready to play.

  • Sports Stats

    There are literally sports records broken every day and your favorite team might be one of the ones breaking them! Track some of the big milestones in your bullet journal.

  • Favorite Athletes

    Do you have a favorite athlete? Track their events, their scores, and records on a page in your journal.

  • Stadiums Visited

    If you’re a football fan like me, you may travel to different places to see away games and bowl games. A stadium tracker is a cool way to keep up with all of the stadiums you’ve visited (and games you’ve seen).

  • Funny Jokes

    Have you ever been asked to tell a funny joke? My mind will seriously go blank if anyone asks me that, but your journal is a good place to keep some fun one-liners. 🤣

  • NFL Draft

    If you’re a pro football fan, you love draft day! Keep track of the first round of the NFL draft or the new guys drafted to your favorite team.

  • Favorite Magazines

    Jot down a list of your favorite magazines. If you subscribe to any, write down when and how to renew.

  • Museums

    Track new museums you visit. Write down their location, your experience, and your favorite parts about the museum.

  • Deleted Apps

    Make a list of the apps you deleted in case you need to access them again one day.

  • Kentucky Derby

    Pick your horse winners and make a note of their pre-race odds, jockeys, and colors.

  • Sports Playoffs

    Make a schedule of your favorite team’s playoff schedule (it can be any sport!).

Entertainment is a wrap! Let’s keep this train rolling…


Not the creative type? We’re about to change that…

  • Grid Spacing Chart

    Draw a measurement chart for your size journal so you can easily access when you’re making new bullet journal layouts.

  • Halloween Costumes

    Never forget another creative costume idea again. Create an on-going list you can whip out during the holidays.

  • Craft Supplies

    Make a list of your favorite supplies, how much they cost, how long they lasted, your rating, and whether or not you’d buy them again.

  • Doodle a Day

    Practice doodling and join a doodle challenge. Divide your page up into a calendar and challenge yourself to draw one doodle each day of the month! There are several online doodle challenges you can choose from.

  • Doodle How-To

    Have a doodle you want to remember how to draw? Draw the doodle in 3-4 steps (these make for sweet Instagram posts!)

  • Doodle Practice

    Make a page or section in your book with nothing but doodles. To get ideas, Google what you’re trying to draw + “doodle” at the end (e.g. dogs + “doodle”), then click Image up top for some super ideas for your own doodles!

  • Fonts

    Create your own font or see how many versions of one letter you can come up with!

  • Washi Collection

    Get creative and make a washi tape spread with samples of all your washi tape designs (e.g. leaves on trees).

  • Pen Test Page

    Test a collection of your pens in your journal. This will show you how the color of a certain pen looks on paper and you also can also test if a pen bleeds or not.

  • Hello Page

    Get creative with an “Intro page” for separate months or sections of your journal.

  • Pattern Practice

    Even if you’re not super artistic, doodling patterns is a fun way to get creative. Try some repetitive pattern designs like these. If you wanna learn from a pro, Catja from @deluxe.journaling teaches how to get started with amazing pattern designs in an exclusive video lesson in our Journal You Course.

PRO TIP: If you’re creative, then you’ll love this Key Guide — learn how to make key symbols and color-code your spreads. 🔑🌈
See?! Being creative isn’t that hard! 😚

Get ready: more ideas coming up!


Ideas to manage your expenses and track your budget.

  • Tax Deductible Expenses

    Track expenses you’ll be able to deduct this tax season.

  • Investment Ideas

    Make of list of new financial opportunities — this can be stocks, bonds, real estate, seed investments, etc.

  • Invention Ideas

    Got the next big idea? Put your inventions on paper for when you’re ready to file that patent.

  • Things to Buy in Bulk

    If you’re like me, you enjoy a Walmart pickup order or Costco visit. List the items you should buy in bulk to save money.

  • Things to Borrow

    List out things you can borrow (instead of buy) from family and friends. This will save you a ton of money.

  • Money-Saving Ideas

    List out ways to save which will help you develop healthy spending habits.

  • Things to Sell

    Make an extra buck or two by selling items you don’t need. Make a comprehensive list and log when, for how much, and where (Craigslist, Facebook) you sold it.

  • Subscription Services

    Do you use Amazon Prime, Netflix or Spotify? Go through your last credit card statement and see what you’re paying each month. Anytime you start a new subscription — WRITE IT DOWN and when it renews (so you don’t get an unexpected bill).

  • Stocks to Watch

    Find a stock you want to own (or do own) and track it once a week or monthly.

  • Budgeting

    Write down EVERYTHING you spend for an entire month and categorize them into things like bills, grocery, entertainment, subscription fees, etc. See where you can cut back and create a monthly or weekly budget for yourself.

Guess what? 12 more ideas are waiting...
  • Bills

    Make a checklist of all of your bills and check off when you pay them (and for how much).

  • Credit Score

    Did you know you can access your credit score for free every few months? Check with your credit card company or and get yours. Document your score at least every quarter to see where you stand, and keep it in check!

  • Investments Monthly Tracker

    Check your financial statements and investments each month. Your reports will have graphs, but drawing a journal graph is even more fun. 😃

  • Savings

    Do you like to save? If you don’t, you should. I use a service called Acorns (affiliate link) that automatically rounds up (to the nearest dollar) your purchases from your debit or credit card and invests that money into a savings account… it’s savings you don’t have to think about.

  • Future Expenses

    Have some big expenses on the horizon? Make a list of these so you know what to expect when the time comes.

  • Tax Filing

    The next time you file taxes, make a list of the documents you need and where to find them. This will be SO helpful the next year when you’re ready to file again.

  • No Spend Days

    Make a tracker with days you don’t spend any money. See how long you can go by living on what you have already.

  • Check, Credit / Debit Card Log

    Track what you spend. When you pay with a debit or credit card, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s leaving your bank account. Make it a habit to write it down at the end of each day. You can check your accounts online, or go from memory and reconcile at the end of the month.

  • A “Might Buy” List

    Before purchasing anything big, add it to a “might buy” list. Wait a week or two, then come back to the list to see if you really still need it.

  • Donations

    Write down all of the donations you make throughout the year. You’ll be ready when tax season comes around!

  • Coupons & Gift Card Expiration

    Have you ever got a coupon from a store that’s good for only the NEXT month? Keep track of when these deals are happening so you don’t lose out on that cash. You can even add an envelope on this page to keep up with these coupons!

  • Online Coupon Codes

    Did you know you can save money (affiliate link) with my coupon code LIFEBYWHITNEY15 at Tombow? Well, now you do! Make a list of these everlasting coupon codes in your journal to reference whenever you’re ready to shop!

Finance done. I have more ideas when you’re ready!

Food & Drink

The best bullet journaling food ideas ever.

  • Baking Times & Temperatures

    Track how long it takes to bake your favorite goodies.

  • Smoking Times

    How long do you smoke your meat? If you love BBQ, keep track of how long it takes to smoke your favorites (and how often you baste & glaze them).

  • Dinner Parties

    Unlike a list of “go-to meals” for your family, these recipes are your master list to impress guests.

  • Authority Chefs

    There are a TON of celebrity chefs out there. But who do you trust? Make a list of chefs whose recipes have passed your personal test.

  • Prep Time

    Make a spread for how far in advance you can cut and store your favorite foods. It will make preparing dinner a lot easier!

  • Mise En Place

    Draw a layout of where your ingredients live in the fridge/drawer/shelf so you know EXACTLY where everything is in crunch time.

  • Microwave Times

    Label cooking times are not always right. Make a table of your favorite microwave foods and how long it really takes to make them.

  • Herbs & Spices

    Draw a diagram of your spice cabinet, so you know where to quickly grab your favorite spices. Also, note when you fill and refill each spice, so you can schedule a new purchase.

  • Marinating / Brine Times

    Keep track of how long your favorite proteins (chicken, pork, etc.) take to marinate or brine, for the perfect result!

  • Potluck

    Stuck what to make for your potluck? When you come across recipe ideas, add them to this spread for easy reference.

26 more recipes coming up...
  • Cooking Task Checklist

    List out your recipe steps and mark them complete as you prepare your meal.

  • Lunch Tracker

    Track where you eat out for lunch during the week, then make any changes to your routine if you want to eat healthier.

  • Coffee Drink Recipes

    Get a new espresso machine? Make a list of coffee recipes to try.

  • Restaurants to Try

    Are there restaurants around you that you keep meaning to try? Create a spread with them and make it a point to visit new restaurants when you can!

  • Recipes to Try

    I have a whole journal devoted to food, and I started going through ALL of my cookbooks with a pen and my journal writing down all the recipes I wanted to try.

  • Favorite Recipes

    My favorite recipes are all in separate cookbooks I own. To remember where they are, I’ll make a list of my very favorites and where to find them (which book, page number or blog/website). So when I’m looking for that best shrimp curry recipe, I know exactly where to find it!

  • Favorite Go-To Meals

    This is a perfect spread for busy moms! Make a list of your quick go-to meals that you cook all the time (or ones that are easy prep and clean-up). Reference this list when you’re meal planning and your weeks will be free of that “What’s for Dinner” stress.

  • Wine & Beer Tracker

    If you enjoy trying new wine or beer, you may want to make a drink rating spread. Write down wines you buy and try, and keep track of your favorites and the ones you’d never buy again.

  • Restaurant Favorites

    Write down your favorite restaurants and what dishes you’d recommend. Next time you have company, have them look at this list when you’re thinking of where to go eat out.

  • Bag Lunch Ideas

    Do you take your lunch to work? Soups and salads can only go so far. Make a list of lunch ideas and reference it when you’re meal prepping for the week.

  • Ingredients to Try or Buy

    There’s been several times when I’ve been looking at a recipe and ask “WHAT IS THAT!?” Most of the time, I’ll look up the ingredient, but this spread would make for a cool informational reference that shows new ingredients and where to buy them.

  • Favorite Grocery Product Brands

    Are you obsessed with only ONE brand of a certain product (hello Mezzetta olives)? It’s true that most of the generic store brands are just as good, so make a spread with your favorite items and brand preferences!

  • Food Festival Dates

    Since I live in a touristy town, we have at least 10 food festivals every year. It helps to track all of them in one spot and add any new ones that are just announced.

  • New Foods Tried

    I used to be the PICKIEST eater ever, but I’ve definitely expanded my horizons in the past 10 years. If you’re picky too, make it a goal to try a new food each week. You never know, you might fall in love!

  • Cookbooks I Want

    If you can’t tell already, I love to cook, and I have a wishlist full of cookbooks on Amazon. This is a perfect spread to make if you’re a cookbook freak like me!

  • Grocery Lists

    Most of us have certain staples in our pantry. Make a list of these grocery staples in your journal and reference it when you’re making your weekly grocery list. You can even use a post-it in your book to write down things you need! Remove it when you’re heading to the store.

  • New Restaurants Around Town

    I don’t know about you, but every time I see a new place in town I want to try it! I may see it on my Facebook feed or hear about it at work, and I always make a mental note to check it out. Make a spread with all of the new restaurants around town and mark them when you do try them.

  • Tea & Coffee Ratings

    I’m newly obsessed with teas and want to try them ALL, but some are a lot better than others. Keep track of your favorites on one spread, so you know which ones are your favorites (and which ones are not).

  • Coffee Shops & Go-To Orders

    Track new coffee shops you try out and write down what you order. Try new drinks and keep up with your favorites.

  • Ice cream / Froyo / Dessert tracker

    List your beloved desserts and ice cream flavors. You can also rate specific dessert shops and write down your go-to flavors.

  • Cocktail Recipes

    Write down your favorite cocktail recipes and ones you want to try!

  • Food Trucks

    Track your favorite food trucks and their weekly or monthly schedule.

  • Special Diet Food Ideas (paleo, vegan, vegetarian)

    If you’re thinking of changing to a particular diet, write down the restrictions and ideas for your meals and snacks.

  • Meat Temperature Cooking Times

    Do you want to cook your meat perfectly? Keep a reference sheet with the temperatures for “done” meat. You can even write down the specifics of your favorite meat-cooking recipes (Reverse Sear is the best FTW).

  • Spice Collection

    Make a list of the spices you own, so you don’t repeat-buy them next time you’re at the store. You can even list out the expiration dates (especially if you’re adding them to new containers).

  • Restaurant Nightly Specials

    Track the specials, happy hours and offers at your favorite local restaurants!

PRO TIP: Eat up more goodies in this How-To Post (it’s the most popular post on the website).
Food is finished! Time for Hobby ideas and then my personal favorites (more on that later).


Want to find the hobby that’s right for you? Let’s discover some hobby ideas together.

  • Hobbies to Try

    Be creative, think big, and come up with a range of hobbies you’ve always wanted to explore. (My latest hobby is chalkboard signs!)

  • Hobby Tracking

    Are you looking to start a hobby? Maybe to relieve some stress? Make a tracker to monitor how much time you’re actually devoting to learning your new hobby.

  • Activities for Boredom

    This list can be for your bored kids or for YOU! Write down things to do when you’re bored.

  • Inspirational Accounts

    You’ll find a TON of inspiration on Instagram (or online, or even from a trip to Hobby Lobby) for any hobby you’re looking to pick up. Write down their usernames for when you’re in a rut.

  • Top Blog Posts

    If you’re a blogger or content creator, check your analytics to find what posts perform the best for you.

  • Lettering

    Practice lettering drills IN your journal and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll develop your own lettering style.

  • Collectibles

    Do you keep a collection of anything? Write down the items you collect and add any details when you get new additions!

  • Social Media Trackers

    Track your follower count each week or month.

  • Knitting / Crocheting

    Keep up with yarn colors, brands, patterns and progress. Track when you knit and learn how much time each project actually takes.

  • Instagram

    Plan your Instagram feed, track your best performing posts, and the best times to post (Instagram business accounts help with this). To get more followers, you should do some Instagram hashtag research and list your top tags!

But wait! Here are 11 more ideas for you...
  • YouTube

    Write out YouTube video ideas or your favorite YouTube accounts. You should also keep up with your own top-performing videos to see what your audience likes best.

  • Theme Parks & Roller Coasters

    If you’re a fan of theme parks, make a list of parks you’ve visited and your favorite roller coasters and rides.

  • Foreign Language Phrases

    Write down common phrases in the foreign language you’re learning. Or make a spread like “I Love You” in 30 languages.

  • Hiking Trails

    Track the trails you want to hike (or trails you have hiked) and add ratings. Rate the difficulty, how you felt, who you hiked with, and the views.

  • Fishing / Hunting

    Record what type of fish you caught, what type of bait you used, and any special moments on your fishing trips (same for hunting!).

  • Farming

    Keep up with your planting dates, cost of your crop, the success of the crop compared to previous years, and interested buyers.

  • Golf Scores / Courses Played

    I come from a golfing family and my dad’s bucket list goal was to play golf in every state in the U.S. Unfortunately we lost him before he could make that goal, but this would be SUCH a cool thing to track in your bullet journal if you’re a golfer too!

  • Snapchat Score

    This was absolutely a suggestion from my teenage brother (and he’s pretty smart)! Make a page about Snapchat and track your score.

  • Gardening

    Research what to plant and make a blueprint of your garden before you plant anything! Track when you plant, water times, and when it all starts to grow!

  • Local Birds & Wildlife

    Track when and where you see specific birds and wildlife around your home!

  • Dances to Learn

    These can be fun hip-hop type dances or ballroom dances for your wedding. I think you can learn pretty much any dance on YouTube now.

Now: on to some of my personal favorite journal ideas!


Need to get your house in order? 😂 You’re in the right spot.

  • Pool Level

    Stick a piece of tape at your pool waterline and use it to track your water evaporation levels (especially if you live in the South!).

  • Troubleshooting

    Make a list of steps (or website links) to troubleshoot your home appliances and devices. For example, how to reset your DVR or how to fix your sink disposal. That way you can skip the phone call to the help center.

  • HOA

    Keep track of your HOA costs and include a contact list of HOA leadership so you can get in touch when any homeownership issues arise.

  • Pet Pee / Walker Tracker

    Make a list of when your pets need to go potty, so you can schedule your day efficiently.

  • Laundry

    Track how often you need to do laundry so you can plan ahead… especially before a busy work week!

  • Home Depot (or Lowe’s) List

    Make a to-do list of items that need fixin’ around the house with an accompanying shopping list from your favorite supply store.

  • Watering Spread

    Schedule when to water your plants or lawn, and track each time you do.

  • Appliance Repair Log

    Keep track of when you last repaired your home appliances and what it costs. This will come in handy if you ever sell your home.

  • Pool Chemistry

    Track and schedule when you add chemicals and chlorine to your backyard pool.

  • Last Time I…

    Keep up with the last time you changed out your toothbrush, mopped your kitchen, switched out air filters, etc. (example).

Want to know the best part? There are 28 more ideas!
  • Big Purchase Compare Chart

    Thinking of buying something BIG for the house — like a new refrigerator, TV or computer?! Write a list of goodies you’re considering, along with the pros & cons of each.

  • Emergency Medical Numbers

    Write down any doctor, police or emergency numbers, and keep them in one place.

  • Paint Swatches

    Anytime you buy a new shade of paint for your home, keep the swatch and tape it into your journal! Label it with the room name you’re planning on painting, as well as where you bought the paint. You’ll now have a cool master list if you ever need a refresh or sell your house!

  • Konmari Checklist

    Have you caught on to the Marie Kondo trend yet? Make (or print) a checklist to help you start your Komari journey.

  • Zone Cleaning

    Map out your home on a spread in your journal, and make it a point to get certain areas clean by certain times. Read more about zone cleaning or grab a zone cleaning checklist here.

  • Important Membership Numbers

    Are you a member of any online or in-store rewards program? Luckily, many are linked to your phone number, but your bullet journal is a great place to keep a list of your membership numbers all in one spot.

  • Vehicle Maintenance

    Write down any time your car needs service. Use a vehicle maintenance spread to write down what you got done and when. Keep track of mileage and make sure you’re keeping your car living its best life!

  • Warranty Information

    Have you bought a new appliance recently? Make sure to keep up with your warranty information in your bullet journal. You’ll know exactly when it expires and what it covers.

  • Fridge / Pantry Inventory

    Go through your pantry and fridge and throw out your expired items. Then make a list of your good inventory, with expiration dates, so you can use what’s nearing expiration!

  • Chore Tracker

    Does your family have chores around the house? Make a list of ALL the chores that need to get done and who is responsible for what.

  • Yearly Cleaning Checklist

    Try to make a point to deep clean your house at least once a year. Make a spread to prepare yourself for what all needs to be done, and set deadlines to get it clean!

  • Pet Vet Appts

    Write down your pet’s vet appointments and how often they need to be seen. Set reminders in your phone to make sure you know when to take them back (love animals? Here are even more spreads).

  • Pet Bath Tracker

    Make a pet bath schedule so you don’t get too behind and wind up with a stinky dog!

  • Pet Medicine Tracker

    Make sure you stay regular with your pet’s medicines. Jot down what type of medicine they’re taking and keep track of when you’re giving it to them.

  • Home Usernames & Passwords

    You may need to make a code of some sort if you’re writing down your passwords in your book (in case it ever gets lost or stolen), but the bullet journal is a great place to keep up with those hard to remember passwords for your home-related accounts (e.g. cable, taxes, etc.).

  • Antiques

    If you’re an antique lover, make a spread based around all of your treasures or new ones you want to buy. Note where you got them, price, and any other unique details.

  • Essential Oils

    If you’re an oil user like me, you may want to keep a list of your favorite oils and the benefits of each. Another idea is to write your favorite oil-mixes for aromatherapy.

  • Household Organization

    Write down organization ideas for your home (I’m obsessed with containers and have so many for different things, that I forget where I get them) and make a list of what you’re using to organize your home and where to find it.

  • Yard Work

    Jot down needed yard maintenance around your house and when major projects take place!

  • Neighbors’ Names & Numbers

    Make a list of your neighbors and their contact information in case you ever need to get in touch.

  • Electric / Water Consumption

    If you’re looking for ways to save on bills. Check out your electric or water bill each month and see how much you’re actually using. There are even devices now that keep track of where your electricity usage is coming from!

  • Past Home Addresses (where you’ve lived)

    If you’ve moved around a lot in the past few years, you may need to keep a list of your past addresses. You may run into situations in the future (tax purposes, credit inquiries) where you need to know your past addresses.

  • Real Estate & Home Values

    If you own a home, you’ll get a property tax bill each year with your estimated home’s worth. You could also check to get your home’s current estimate.

  • Replacement Parts

    Some things in your home have special parts and the bullet journal is a perfect place to keep up with all of this — think specialty light bulbs, batteries, and filters.

  • Garage / Yard Sales

    Track garage sale dates that you see advertised around town OR, if you’re wanting to get rid of some things, make a list of potential garage sale items & the prices.

  • New Pet Research

    Wanting a new puppy? Track your favorite breeds, pet name ideas, and all the supplies you’ll need to get your new best friend. Also, once you get them, you can make a spread for shots, puppy growth, potty training schedule, money spent and vet appointments.

  • Home Remodeling

    If you’re an HGTV fan or a big Pinterest user, you probably have some ideas to remodel your home. Keep them all on one page for inspiration when you’re looking for your next project.

  • Dream Home

    Write down the features, location, and ideas for your dream home!

Home ideas? Check. But we’re not done yet. Let’s discover more — we’re getting to the good stuff now.


Journal spread ideas that reflect the unique YOU!

  • Usernames & Passwords

    Keep all your social accounts and personal-related login details in one place.

  • Haircuts

    Track when you cut your hair and what hairstyles you went with — that way you know know how fast your hair grows and when you need to schedule a new appointment.

  • Military Service

    Make a list of people you know who have served in the military so you can thank them for their service.

  • Vision Board

    Write down the things you ultimately want in life and what you are working towards — your dream job, vacation, physical goals, etc.

  • Relationship Goals

    List out your shared goals with your partner and monitor their progress.

  • Self-Affirmations

    Create a list of positive affirmations of self-empowerment to put you in a positive mood!

  • Morning Routine

    What does your ideal morning look like? Write your ideal morning routine would look like and track the days you complete it.

  • Evening Routine

    Write out what your ideal evening routine would look like and track the days you complete the full drill.

  • “Next Bujo” Migration

    Make a list of things from your current bullet journal that you want to move to your new one!

  • Favorite Expletives

    Hear a funny curse word or phrase? Make a list so YOU can be the witty one next time.

You might be wondering: are there more? Yes! 33 to be exact.
  • Tattoo Ideas

    Put some thought into your body art before you get inked. Use this spread to make a list of tattoo ideas.

  • Goals and Resolutions

    Write down personal goals and any resolutions you have made for yourself. Writing down goals is your first step to achieving them! If you want a fun way to keep track of yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, try the Goal Grid.

  • Funny Things

    Jot down things that make you laugh! Write down your favorite funny quotes memories and get ready to belly laugh anytime you flip to the page.

  • Ideal Day

    What does your ideal day look like? Record your daily schedule, but also write in how your ideal day would actually look from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. The next step is to work towards making EVERY day your ideal day. 😊

  • Facts About Me

    This is a fun way to make a spread with unique facts about YOU!

  • Acts of Kindness

    Write down things you could do to show kindness to others — try putting a grocery cart back for someone, buying for the person behind you at Starbucks, writing a “just because” card, etc. Now, act on your list and make the world a better place!

  • Self-Care Ideas

    List your favorite self-care ideas. When you’re ready to treat yourself and need some ideas, check the list.

  • Friend Contact Calendar

    Sometimes as adults, we lose touch with some of our oldest friends. Write down the last time you talked to your friends and make sure not to let too much time pass until the next time. This applies to family, parents, and grandparents too. 👵

  • Bucket List

    If you had no limits, what would you ultimately want to achieve during your lifetime. Where would you visit? What would you want to see or do? Put your dreams on paper.

  • Shopping

    Track your shopping trips. Write out all your new items, where you bought them, and the price. If you end up falling in love with those new leggings, you’ll now remember where they came from!

  • Personality Spread

    Take a personality test, like the Meyers Briggs or Enneagram test, and make a spread based around that personality type.

  • Mental Health

    Do yourself a favor and check-in on your mental health from time to time. When you’re not happy, ask yourself why. Just writing these things down can have a major impact on how you actually feel.

  • Mood Tracker

    Keep track of your mood each day (or throughout each day) and record any highs and lows. Instagram is a fun place to find #moodtracker inspiration.

  • Favorite Stores

    Make a list of your favorite spots to shop online, locally or in big cities. If you ever make a trip, you’ll now know where you want to return. And if anyone ever asks you for gift card ideas… Boom! You have all your ideas written down.

  • Wish List

    What types of items do YOU want for your birthday or special occasion? If you’re like most of us, you have no clue. But if you keep a list all year long, you’ll know what to suggest! 😉

  • Gratitude

    Daily gratitude is a beautiful thing and it will increase your happiness level. Write down what you’re grateful for and you’ll realize how blessed you actually are!

  • Product Ratings

    Do you like trying new beauty products or household items? Make a list of new ones you try and rate them.

  • Fashion

    Reflect on your favorite outfits (ones you own or ones you see in everyday culture).

  • What I Wore / Outfit Tracker

    Keep up with what you wear daily, so you’re not repeating too many of your outfits in a short amount of time!

  • Word of the Year

    Hhighlight one word to use as your focus word of the year! Now, anytime you feel your focus drifting, remember that word (and the reason you chose it) and push yourself to get back on track. Read more about choosing a word here.

  • Currently

    A “Currently” section is a fun spread idea to keep track of your current favorite things over a certain time period. You can include these in weekly or monthly spreads, or make a whole page devoted to your favorite things. I like to keep track of things I’m: loving, eating, watching, listening to, and cooking (example).

  • Horoscopes

    Write down your horoscope and everything related to your sign!

  • Hair Maintenance

    Do you have high maintenance hair like me? Keep a list of your favorite products and hair care ideas in a spread. Also, keep up with salon appointments — jot down what you got done, when and where.

  • Skincare Routine

    Make note of everything you use for skin care and track any changes when trying out or adding new products to your routine.

  • Check It Out

    Make a spread based on things you want to “Check out.” We’re constantly being bombarded with advertisements and it’s hard to decipher what we really want or need. Make this list and take the time to check out what you really want to buy.

  • Things I Love

    Write down the things you love… or doodle them. 😍

  • Bad Habits to Break

    Record your bad habits, then decide which one to tackle first. Also, make a habit tracker for the things you’re NOT doing — this could be just as motivational to create good habits.

  • Capsule Wardrobe

    Write down (or draw out) the items that would be in YOUR capsule wardrobe.

  • Online Dating

    If you’re single and using online dating apps, you might just want to track the dates you’ve been on and whether or not you’d go on a second one!

  • Video Games Bought / Play Time

    This could be for the kids OR you. Jot down video games you’ve bought and record when you play them. See how much time you’re actually spending on certain games or track your stats and milestones with a video game spread.

  • Community Service

    Track how often you do community service. Track your hours worked, where and why you worked, and your experience.

  • Waiting On…

    Create a list of things you are waiting on (e.g. package deliveries, phone calls, emails, etc.).

  • Nostalgia

    Make a fun doodle (or a list) of things you remember from childhood.

How do you feel? Those ideas should really make you happy, so make sure to try them!


Test your skills with these career tracker ideas.

  • Work Usernames & Passwords

    Keep all your work-related login details in one place.

  • Done List

    Use this list to reflect back on what you accomplished during the day. It will help you stay motivated.

  • Leads & Prospects

    Keep a list of potential customers, when you contacted them, and when to follow up.

  • Meetings

    Keep track of your scheduled business meetings.

  • Trade Shows & Conferences

    Make conference schedules and the companies (and people) you want to network with.

  • LinkedIn Wishlist

    Who are your professional idols? Draft a list of people you wish you could learn from, then send them a contact request.

  • LinkedIn Follow-Up

    It’s hard to keep up with your network. Take the time to jot down the names of colleagues you’d like to reconnect with, then mark the time when you do reach out.

  • Project Deadlines

    Map out when your projects are due so you can schedule your time as needed.

  • Work Milestones

    Take time to recognize your own accomplishments with a simple list of projects you conquered, hours worked, promotions and more.

  • Coworker Encouragement

    List the names of team members that deserve a compliment, and write down when you deliver the good news and also rate their reaction.

It gets better: here are 21 more ideas...
  • Office Supplies

    Make a list of work supplies you need and rate the ones you use. That way you can order quickly and efficiently.

  • Scrum Meetings

    Write out your scrum meeting agenda to optimize your team’s time and to stay on track.

  • Goal Apps

    Want to track your productivity online? Make a spread of your favorite goal apps and rate how well each one works for you.

  • Contingency Plans

    Create a roadmap to prepare for potentially disruptive business events.

  • A/B Testing

    If you run a blog or website, make a list of your A/B test experiments and track the winners.

  • Sales

    Keep track of sales and top customers on a spread in your journal. Write down daily sales totals, keep track of shipping, and monitor your most popular items.

  • Project Outlines / Tracking

    Keep up with projects by starting with an outline or mindmap. Once it’s all on paper, you can plan your next steps and track your progress throughout the whole project. Did you know you can also Bullet Journal with Trello?

  • Work Schedule

    Write down your work schedule in your journal and your co-workers’ vacation plans, so you don’t have any scheduling conflicts.

  • Work Tracking

    Track your work hours and keep up with how much time you’re spending on the job. Hopefully, a time clock does this for you, but if you’re self-employed, you may not have one!

  • Sick Day / Vacation Leave

    Track the amount of sick and vacation leave you have at work and how much you’re using throughout the year.

  • Class Schedule

    Write down your class schedule and be sure to include teachers, classroom locations, and time! You may want to incorporate additional notes, like teacher office hours or contact info, into this spread too.

  • Study Schedule

    If you’re a student, make a plan for when, where and what you need to study (and make sure to follow through!).

  • Grade Tracking

    Are you in school or teach at one? Track your test, project, and assignment grades.

  • Test Dates

    Write down the dates of all your tests (in all your classes), and make sure to prioritize your studying and plan around your tests.

  • Extracurricular Schedule

    Write down your meeting or practice schedule for your extracurricular activities. Take notes of any big projects and responsibilities you have in the organization, and write down names of other members to help you remember new faces.

  • Things to Learn

    List any new skills you want to learn. When you have extra time in your schedule, watch some beginner YouTube videos or take a beginners’ class and start learning!

  • Coworkers

    Write down names, numbers, email address, and schedules of your co-workers.

  • Job Search Ideas

    If you’re on the hunt for a job, write down potential workplaces, who you’ve talked to at the company, and where you’ve submitted your resume.

  • Resume Info

    Are you already working but may change jobs in the future? Write down any big milestones you’ve accomplished, so when it comes time to revamp your resume you’ll have a quick place to reference.

  • MLM Sales

    If you’re part of an MLM (multi-level marketing) company, your bullet journal may be the perfect place to keep up with potential clients and sales. It can also act as a CRM to track the last time someone bought, so you can contact them if it’s been too long!

  • Continuing Education (CE)

    Does your job require you to participate in continuing education? Your bullet journal is a great spot to keep up with your progress.

Excellent job! We’re almost done, but don’t skip the Travel ideas below — you’ll regret it if you do. 😇


Don’t forget to pack your journal.

  • Map of Places to Visit

    Print out or draw a map of the U.S. (or your country) or the world, and mark where you want to visit! Dream big.

  • “Staycation” Ideas

    Become a tourist in your own town! Come up with a list of things to do locally on a budget or for a simple romantic weekend (think Valentine’s Day).

  • Camping Supplies Checklist

    Don’t forget those critical camping supplies. Make a full list so you don’t forget.

  • Campgrounds Log

    Make a list of your favorite campgrounds and what amenities they offer, along with any costs.

  • Plan a Dream Trip

    Plan a dream trip with no limits! This is a fun way to get your big travel ideas down on paper.

  • Weekend Getaway Ideas

    Have a long weekend coming up? Make a list of fun destinations — within driving distance — for quick weekend getaway ideas.

  • City Spreads

    Make spreads based around big cities. There’s SO much to do in certain cities and a bullet journal spread is a perfect place to write down “things to eat” or “places to see” in one spot for whenever you DO visit.

  • Packing Lists

    Make a general packing list you can reference whenever packing for a big trip OR make a specific packing list for a special trip, like a ski trip or cruise.

  • Trip Planner

    When you decide on a destination for your next trip, write out your reservations and what you want to do when you get there. Check on TripAdvisor, Pinterest or Google for the top-rated local spots and traveler recommendations.

  • Trip Tracker

    While you’re traveling (or even after you get home) write down what you actually did on the trip. Keep your tickets and any cool paper souvenirs to paste on your pages too!

Here are 4 more ideas!
  • Map of Places You’ve Traveled

    Print or draw out a map of the U.S. (or your country) or the world, and mark where you’ve been. You can also make a list of your adventures.

  • Mileage Tracker

    Track how many miles you’ve traveled!

  • Games in the Car

    If you take road trips with your kids (and they’re rambunctious), play some car games. Make a list of the games you can play as a family and keep ‘em busy!

  • Gas Consumption

    My dad used to keep a small notebook in his truck and calculated his miles per gallon every single time he got gas. Your car may keep up with that kind of thing now, but in case it doesn’t, you may want to track how much gas your car is using and the cost per fill-up!

PRO TIP: Want to learn how to use all these ideas? Here’s the ultimate guide. 👍
Don’t stop yet: we have another whole category below!


Here’s a super collection of unique spreads.

  • Cloud Tracker

    Jot the types of cloud formations you see each day. Then see what weather patterns emerge before & after the clouds you see!

  • Morse Code

    Want to learn morse code? List out the letters and their corresponding dots and dashes.

  • Braille

    Draw the dots and their corresponding letters!

  • Off the Wall Holidays

    Track funny holidays that happen each month, so you always have something to celebrate (see my Instagram example).

  • This Day

    Stay updated on “what happened in this day in history.”

  • Moon Phases

    Draw the lunar phases for the month. Did you know the moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth?

  • Zodiac Signs

    Make a spread of all 12 Zodiac signs and what they mean.

  • Wildfire Log

    If you live in California (or any dry location), track past wildfires in your area — the time of year, how long they lasted, geographic range, etc.

  • Trending Topics

    Make a list of trending topics and stories for the current month, that probably won’t be relevant a year from now.

  • Evacuation Plans

    Draft an evacuation plan for your family in the event of a natural disaster.

And you guessed it! Here are 33 more ideas!
  • Road Signs

    It’s probably been a while since driving school, so refresh your memory with drawings of road signs and their shape meanings.

  • Journal Prompt Ideas

    Sometimes you just want to write, but you can’t come up with any ideas! So make a list of prompts you can reference anytime your mind is feeling blank.

  • Memories

    Make a point to reflect on your memories. Write down (or draw) your favorite memories from the week, month or year.

  • Common Misspelled Words

    There are some words that are hard to spell, and if you don’t have spell check, a reference list may help you get ‘em right!

  • Layout Ideas

    Make a list of journal layout ideas for your own notebook! Go back through this list to get as many as you need.

  • Weather Tracker

    Track your local weather with highs and lows or cute icon doodles. Try and make it interesting and track record-breaking numbers and weather phenomenons!

  • 30 Before 30

    What’s your next big age milestone? Create a list of all the things you want to do before you get there — this is like a mini bucket list! You could also make a 19 in 2019 list (or whatever year we’re in).

  • Nail Polish

    Paint swatch your nail polish! Mark your favorites.

  • Favorite Websites

    Jot down your favorite websites for entertainment, fun reading or education. These may help someone else or could be a good reference list for you in the future.

  • Year in Pixels

    Track all 365 days in one spread with certain colors representing your mood or the temperature outside. Search #yearinpixels on Instagram to get some ideas.

  • Brain Dump / Mind Map

    Try to empty your thoughts on paper at least once a week. Once you get EVERYTHING down that’s on your mind, you can organize and prioritize your list!

  • Things You Can Find at Only One Store

    I can only find my type of salad dressing at Publix and it drives me nuts! Write down these types of home staples on one page so you know when you visit that one store, you won’t forget it!

  • To-Do List

    Write out your to-do list with due dates and checkboxes. When you’re planning your week, be sure to check it and add these items to your calendar!

  • Yearly Spreads

    Write down holidays and events that are scheduled for your year.

  • Monthly Calendar / Schedule

    Before your month begins, review your calendar and write down any important events and dates coming up and what you need to do to plan for them.

  • Church

    Track your church schedule, when you go, and member information.

  • Bible Study Notes

    If you attend bible study, write down what you learn and take notes on the most important topics.

  • Favorite Bible Verses

    Write down your favorite bible verses and where to find them.

  • Bachelor(ette) Party — plan a bachelor or bachelorette party with guest information, travel accommodations, and favor ideas.
  • Inspirational Quotes — make a page dedicated to inspirational quotes (or scatter them throughout your book in blank sections.)
  • Screen time usage per week (iPhone)

    Your iPhone now tells you how many hours you’re spending on your phone per day. You’ll get a notification from your phone every Sunday with a screen time summary, and this would be a great statistic to track weekly… especially if you’re a smartphone addict like me!

  • Alexa Skills

    Go through the skills on your Alexa app and see which ones you’d actually use, but may forget about. There’s some awesome skills available for Alexa, but sometimes its hard to remember them all. Make a spread with some of your favorites!

  • Good Advice You’ve Been Given

    Don’t just listen to good advice you’re given, write it all down in one place!

  • Miracle Tracker

    Write down miracles you see (or hear about) that make you have faith in the world. 😀

  • Rain (Precipitation) Tracker

    Make a precipitation tracker in your journal or write down major storm statistics.

  • Farmers Markets

    Keep track of your favorite purchases and make a list of the vendors you love. Just in case you run out of that special ingredient, you’ll know where to find it next time.

  • Constellations

    Draw a map of the night sky or keep up with your favorite constellations.

  • Sunset Sunrise

    You can keep up with this on a daily or weekly spread, but you can also make a full spread with sunrise and sunset times for your area.

  • Holidays

    Make a list of all of your national holidays (or work holidays).

  • Political Candidates

    Write the pros and cons of current political candidates (if you’re into that sorta thing…).

  • Headlines

    Track the biggest news stories in your journal. Keep it positive, because most headlines nowadays are negative!

  • Facebook Marketplace / Craigslist Listings

    Record what you list and buy on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. If you’re selling, track how much money you make from your sales!

  • Superhero Tracker

    If you’re a comic book lover or Avenger follower, make a spread based around your favorite superheroes. There’s SO many to keep up with, so this could be a fun spread for the die-hard fans!

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