Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

MyIntent Bracelets


Studies have shown that having a simple, constant reminder keeps you focused and improves your productivity.

With this bracelet, you choose your own custom message, so you stay motivated and focused on your success.     


Adjustable Band

Each band is handwoven and made of waxed nylon black string that is weather-resistant and waterproof.


Hand Stamped Token

Brass or nickel token, finished with a light polish to radiate a natural shine.


Custom Engraving

Choose up to 14 characters as a constant reminder to keep you motivated every day.

Sorry, but bracelets are currently OUT OF STOCK.

Common Questions

How do I tie on my bracelet?

Make two square knots around your non-watch wrist. Check out the video.

How do I adjust my bracelet and remove extra string?

Just pull the two strings away from the slip knot, then cut off any extra string with scissors.

What are the tokens made of and how long do they last?

Tokens are either brass only or brass plated with nickel.

Assuming normal use, they last around 6 months.

MyIntent Bracelets with golden token and black string colorMyIntent Bracelets with silver token and black string color
How many characters can my word be?

You can choose up to 14 characters (that includes spaces) as a constant reminder to keep you inspired and motivated every day!

Keep in mind, most people choose just ONE WORD that describes their goals the best 🙂

Characters you can choose from include:

-The English alphabet (A-Z)
-Numbers (0-9)
-Select punctuation marks (*!?,’$#.@;/:♡)
-Sorry, but accent marks, fadas or tildes are not available.

How does my engraved word appear on the token?

If it’s one word, it will be wrapped continuously around the token.

If it’s two words, one will be engraved on the top half and the other on the bottom half.

See my Instagram account @lifebywhitney for some examples.

How long will my bracelet last?

Assuming normal use, it should last around 6 months.

Over time with normal wear and oxidation, your token may develop a natural “antique” look, but your word engraving will still be clearly visible.

What happens if I break my band/string?

Let’s hope not!

But if this does happen unexpectedly – within the first 30 days of receipt – complete our Return Form and we’ll get back to you immediately with next steps to process your refund.

Is the bracelet really waterproof?

Yup. Each band is handwoven and made of waxed nylon black string that is weather-resistant and waterproof.

All the parts of the bracelet are technically waterproof, but contact with water will accelerate the aging process of the metal parts.

So feel free to shower with it on 🙂

What languages do you support?

We currently only support English.

However, if you want your word engraved in another language, you can spell it out phonetically. For example, “Love” in Chinese would be “Ai”.

*Extra stuff to know...

-We ship domestically to all U.S. states (that’s all 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii) for a flat rate specified at checkout.

-International shipping is also available for Bracelets to the 180 countries sanctioned by USPS.

-Shipping costs … wait for it … $1 for U.S. customers … and only $2 for everyone else on planet earth!

-Bracelets are fully refundable within 30 days of receiving your order.

Learn more about Shipping and Refund requirements.

-If you are prone to allergic reactions to worn materials, stop wearing the bracelet right away and send us a note at

I love my bracelet of intent. My word is miraculous and I love the daily reminder. It’s well made, stylish, and is holding up well which is saying something as I’m rough on my daily wear items. Like all of Whitney’s pkgs, it came beautifully wrapped and worded. I’ll be sharing this with my bujo fb group… all of them 😉 


Daphne, AL

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