I’ve been looking for a good way to track my bills in my journal, and I’ve created a way to try and keep up with them all.

So I’ve laid out a 6-month bill + income tracker.

I have (what seems like) a ton of monthly bills, as well as quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly bills. I’ve decided to include a section for my monthly bills, my quarterly, and my semi-annual payments.

To get started, I went through the past 2 months on my credit cart and debit card (checking account), and I jotted down all of the bills I pay regularly. Some are big (electricity, car, phone/cable), and some are small (utilities, Spotify, Netflix), but I tracked them all.

I then separated them into how often I paid them (mostly monthly), and measured out how much room I’d need for each to list down the left side of my journal. I decided on 17 lines for my monthly — I had 15 monthly bills, and left a little room for a few more…just in case I forgot some or need to add some in the next 6 months.

I then did the same with my quarterly & semi-annual bills. (I have 5 quarterly bills and left 6 lines, and 1 semi-annual bill I could think of — I left one blank line.)

At the bottom of my layout, I added a section for income, just because I don’t want to make this whole sheet depressing! I wrote in the places from where I receive income (small or large).

(it’s free!)

This week’s spread includes:

Across the top, I wrote out the next 6 months (October – December on the left page, and January – March on the right page). I separate each month into three columns:

  • Amount — meaning the amount that I pay (or the amount that is due)
  • Due — where I write the date due (or the date paid)
  • A small column with a CHECK mark at the top — I check it off when I paid

Now I don’t just use any old plain black check mark — I had to give it a little flair, so I made a key up at the top right corner of the spread to show the different ways I could have paid the bill: check, autopay, credit card, etc. — I color-coded these check marks.

In the middle of the far right space on the spread, I added a section for renewal dates. I subscribe to some services online that may AUTO-RENEW, and I want to be prepared, just in case I’m not using that service anymore, to cancel before it charges my card!

The last section, at the bottom right, is a place to write in my credit score every three months. You can get your credit score for free every quarter, and I like to check mine every time I can. I check it through Mint.com, but there are other sites you can do this for free.

You can of course tailor this to your needs, but this this what I’m trying out, and I look forward to seeing it all filled up… even though I don’t look forward to paying these bills… 😂

It’s free!


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