Well, hello!

Learn more about us.

Well, hello!

Learn more about us.

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April, 16'

Whitney met her journal.

March, 17'

The shop was opened!


June, 18'

Time to teach. It’s so cool.


July, 19'

The Mega Guide was published.

Live a productive life and be happy.

That’s what we’re all about.

Or as Whitney always says,

 If you need a creative kick in the butt, just buy more pens. 

Just kidding. But she did say,


 I started this website to introduce others to the creative methods I use to organize my life

So bottom line — our goal is to inspire you.

Start by choosing from any of our journal designs (aka “spreads”) completely free in the Vault (or you can shop). 

Then make a difference in one of our communities. That’s where the real magic happens… and you’ll make new friends

“Get the largest collection of journal spreads, helpful tools, inspiration galleries and blog resources to lead you on your creative journey!”

    Me & the Pups

    So I have 4 dogs. Let me get that out of the way first. 🤣

    Their names are Shug, Koda (both doodles), then ToJo (French bulldog) and last but not least, Bruin (he’s a fat chocolate lab).

    They’re all my boys, along with my younger brother Rocky, who I take care of (he’s now a senior in high school and off to Auburn next year!). 

    Anyways, a few years back I sadly lost both my parents and I decided I should start keeping track of my OWN life in a notebook.

    And I discovered bullet journaling.

    With it, I could keep up with everything — my plans, trackers, lists, designs, ideas, and more — and it has transformed my life. 

    This website is my story and I hope, if anything, you find a hint of inspiration along the way!

    After all, you really are the ones who keep me going.

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