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So, what is a Spread?

Spreads are individual weekly and monthly designs that you can download for your journal.

They look like this,

journal Weekly Spread -- Templates, Supplies, Videos and more at Bulleteverything.com

A Weekly spread

journal March 2017 Monthly Spread -- Templates, Supplies, Videos and more at Bulleteverything.com

A Monthly spread

Spreads come in 3 packages:


1 weekly or monthly spread
  • Measurement PDF
  • “My Version” PDF
  • Notes PDF


1 weekly or monthly spread
  • Measurement PDF
  • “My Version” PDF
  • Notes PDF
  • Blank Printable PDF
  • “No Header” PDF
  • Editable Excel File
  • Blank Practice Printable

What You Get

All of the spread packages come with helpful downloads to make it super easy for you to transfer them to your own journal.

Measurement PDF

Each square for every spread is measured out for a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 size journal. Follow along to transfer into your own journal.

My Version PDF

Headings for each spread element are the same as mine in my posted spread, though fonts may be different.

Notes PDF

Everything you need to know about each element of my spread. I explain how I use each part of the layout.

No Header PDF

Everything is the same as the My Version Spread, but the main header is missing, so you can print & add your own for any week of the year. No watermarks.

Blank PDF

Printable PDF with lines only, so you can customize what each box is for with your own handwriting. No watermarks.

Excel File

Edit the Excel file and print your own spreads with different text in the headers or a font of your choosing. This includes tabs for all of the 4 PDF printable types.

Blank Practice PDF

Completely blank light grid printable, so you can design your own layouts from scratch before transferring into your journal. (This is how I come up with mine!)

Photo of Spread

A final head-on picture of how my spread looks when it is finished, before the pen.

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