Are you using your journal for meal planning & food tracking? If you don’t know already I am a food freak… and I know you know I’m a journal freak too.

And what happens when you put the two together — you guessed it, I kinda FREAK OUT!

Ok, not really, but I love coming across “foodie” spreads when I’m looking through journal pictures — there are SO many creative ways you guys keep track of food in your journals.

In this post, I wanted to share even more inspiration, so I’ve gathered together 51 awesome food journal spreads.

You’ve got everything from grocery & meal planning, meal tracking, meal ideas, food doodling, booze tracking, menu planning and more.

I hope you enjoy!

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Meal Planning

Meal planning is one of the most common journal spreads, so I’ve got a TON of these to share with you! I love a simple meal planner, but there’s a few journal “hacks” you can implement when planning out your week. And they involve some simple Post-it® notes! Use them to plan your meals, and you can easily switch them out week-to-week and not worry about creating a new spread each time – see Renee’s (@thediyday) pic below.

To make your own Post-it® meal-planner:

  • Create a ‘master’ weekly meal planning spread with 7 spaces big enough for the notes.
  • Write your favorite go-to meals or new recipes to try (one on each Post-it®).
  • Mix & match the meals and plan out your weeks!
  • Add more as needed.
  • If you’re trying new recipes, be sure to add notes to the Post-it® so you know any changes or tweaks for next time – if it’s a yummy recipe, of course!

Also, check out Stephanie’s (@calligrasteph) use of the Post-it® note as a removable grocery list! This is just BRILLIANT. Meal plan your whole entire week, then list your groceries needed on a removable sheet and pull it out to take it with you shopping. I know a lot of us like to keep the journal at home, so this makes grocery shopping super easy – just make sure you don’t forget the list! 😂

Grocery Planning

I’m such a digital grocery list junkie, but I still love seeing all of these grocery list spreads. Several of these spreads combine the weekly meal planner with a grocery list on the same spread. I keep my digital list separated out with Fresh, Middle, & Dairy – but I’m one of those that goes to the grocery store ALL the time…

When making your list, separate it into either:

  • Sections of the grocery store (produce, meat, dairy, dry, canned, frozen, household, condiments, misc)
  • The store itself (Costco, Wal-Mart, Publix, Target, Trader Joe’s, etc.) – see Kristin’s (@pickymama) examples below

The Master Grocery Lists are also so so smart. Think of a Master Grocery list as a review of what you like to KEEP in stock in your kitchen and pantry. Review the list before you head to the store to make sure you’re not out of anything super important! That household stuff tends to sneak up. And it’s never fun to run out of toilet paper. 🙄

Meal Tracking

I admit, I’m more of a meal tracker than I am a meal planner…

That’s okay though, as long as you’re AWARE of what you’re eating then it’s all good, right? Below, I’ve added some creative ways to track meals. MOST of us try to cut back on eating out at restaurants, so I LOVE the coding on these lists to show exactly where the food is coming from, here’s a few ways you can group:

  • Cooked at home – you can get even more specific (like Jady @greenishplanning) & write WHO cooked
  • Take-out
  • Leftovers
  • Dinner out – you can get more specific with this by separating colors  into lunch out & dinner out (like Kara @oak.tree.journaling)

I track my meals in my journal with little icons from my key. I use separate little doodle-symbols for take-out, cooking-in, and dining out. I track all of this in my weekly spreads on each day once the day is over.

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Recipes to Try + Meal Ideas

I am ALWAYS wanting to try new recipes, like ALWAYS. If you’ve seen my food journal, you’d know I’m a cookbook junkie, and I love keeping track of ALL the recipes I want to cook. I used to have a full bookshelf full of food magazines – Food & Wine, Food Network, Saveur, Bon Appetit, – you name it. Since KonMari, I’ve cleaned all of that out, but still have a pretty decent cookbook collection.

The spreads below are all versions of ‘Recipes to Try’ spreads. You can name it want you want:

  • Menu Options
  • Recipes to Try
  • Meal Ideas
  • Stuff to Cook/Bake

…the idea is always the same….

We’re HUNGRY – and we want something new & different! 🤤

Food Spot Ideas

I’ve also included a few spreads with actual restaurants (maybe for those non-cooks out there). Nicole’s (@bujo_blossoms) ‘What’s for Dinner’ spread is PERFECT for those nights you’re not feelin’ the kitchen. She’s listed the restaurants they love for easy, quick food. I’ve got a weak spot for fast food too, girl. 🍔

I also love the list from SD ( as a way to track new restaurants and bars to try – I have a list SO long right now and need to make a spread just like hers!

Food, Doodles & Food Doodles!

What’s better than writing all about food?

Food DOODLES!! 🙌 Yeaaaahhh!!

I swear one of these days I’m gonna up my doodle game, but until then I’ll just gawk. Seriously, check out the talented folks below and show them some love… I love the idea of a WHOLE book based on recipes with food drawings, but who has the freakin’ time, right?! 😂

These spreads are gorgeous, and just make me wanna start doodling every single day! If you’re wanting to see more pics like the avocado one below, be sure to check out Louie’s (@teal.papyrus) IG feed – he’s got a TON of food pages and a pretty awesome looking bullet journal… and you already know I have a journal-crush on Nicole (@bujo_blossoms) – don’t we all?! Her doodles are FANTASTIC.


Ok, so this post isn’t ALL about food…

I ran across some posts about some booze that I just couldn’t NOT include… just a few [if you’re under 21, skip this part! 😬].

I love these ‘tracking spreads’ from:

  • A home-brewer 🍻(Kristyn @bujo_kdm – rates beers they’ve actually BREWED themselves ~ I’m kinda amazed… and cheers!)
  • A wine-lover 🍷(SD – tracks which wines she tries, the price point, and the type)
  • A cider-connoisseur 🍎(Lili @rainbowbulletjournal – rates different hard ciders and takes notes about each one)

Plus, I added my little wine spread in there too! I have a few in my food journal, but I love this one that shows types of wines and what exactly to pair them with — and what NOT to pair them with!

Last, But Not Least!

Below you’ll find a few other fun spreads that just didn’t belong anywhere else — I swear though, they’re beautiful too!

Have you ever thought about the benefits of the food you eat? The ‘Eat the Rainbow’ spread from Lili (@rainbowbulletjournal) is SO so good and shows the benefits from the COLOR of your natural foods.

It’s also a good idea to challenge yourself and track days you DON’T eat certain foods… Kristyn (@bujo_kdm) shows her ‘No Sugar’ tracker – which just may be the motivation you need to STOP a certain food-bad-habit.

Another spread for the lunch-packin’ moms is Deena’s (@craftydeesigns) ‘Kid’s Lunches’ spreads ~ keep ALL of your lunch ideas in one spot and curate your weekly grocery list around what they WILL eat. Love it!

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